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Preparing students to become leading researchers in the field of Management.

The Ph.D. in Management equips our scholars with understanding the current approaches of explaining and investigating management processes and facilitating research projects aimed at contributing new insights to the Management field. Students work alongside leading faculty in a collaborative environment and are provided outstanding resources and support by the College of Business and the Department of Management.

Students choose from one of four areas of concentration:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategic Management
    Ph.D. candidates develop expertise in their field of study and are prepared to contribute to the research, education and service mission of the Management discipline.


    Contact Information:
    Alex Rubenstein, Ph.D.
    Ph.D. Coordinator



    In research for the entire field of management for the last five years in the Texas A&M / University of Georgia (TAMUGA) rankings


    In the world by Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) for 2020, tying UCF with UCLA, Dartmouth, HEC Paris, Arizona, Oxford, Notre Dame, Virginia and Wisconsin


    Overall ranking by Academic Analytics in articles per faculty, ahead of Notre Dame, Arizona State, Michigan State


    Top five in the world for entrepreneurship research according to TCU Global University Entrepreneurship Research Productivity Rankings

    At the University of Central Florida, you’ll work with top tier faculty at a leading research institution located in the heart of the Sunshine State.


    Student/Faculty Ratio


    Student Graduation Rate


    Student Placement in Tenure-Track Positions


    “I highly recommend the UCF Ph.D. program in management. It was an incredibly challenging five years, but I grew so much as a researcher and person. As doctoral students we were surrounded by incredible faculty that helped train us into the emerging scholars we’ve become. While on the job market, and now a year into the job as an assistant professor, I can truly appreciate the excellent training we received to manage the demands of teaching and research.”

    — Prof. Sarah Burrows ’23

    “UCF’s PhD program follows a ‘teach a [wo]man to fish’ mentality. The faculty do an incredible job holding their students to high standards while simultaneously mentoring, supporting, and developing students to become successful management scholars. The training I received at UCF prepared me to hit the ground running from day one as a new faculty member.”
    – Prof. Hayley Morrison ’23

    “The Management Ph.D. program at UCF provided me with invaluable experience for my career as an academic and I gained comprehensive research and teaching skills. The department’s commitment to mentoring students sets the program apart and the faculty have done an excellent job in creating a collaborative, supportive, and developmental learning environment. I had a fantastic time at UCF and the Ph.D. program truly set me up for success as a researcher—I highly recommend it to prospective students!”
    — Prof. Bailey Bigelow ’21
    “The Ph.D. program at UCF provided rigorous training in a collaborative and supportive environment. UCF embraces an apprenticeship model in which students work hands-on with faculty…. Through this mentorship, I was prepared for every part of an academic career (i.e., research, teaching and service). I was taught how to conduct research worthy of publication at top outlets, provided opportunities to teach courses that were marketable to hiring universities, and encouraged to take on roles that contributed to the department and profession through service. I cannot recommend UCF highly enough for anyone seeking a career as an academic in Management!”
    – Prof. Lauren Locklear ’21


    Our faculty rank among the most productive in the country and are actively involved in the leadership of the field’s premier professional associations and journals.

    TOP 2%

    Faculty members—Rob Folger & Jim Combs—listed in top 2% of scientists in their discipline in the world





    The Management track of the Business Administration PhD program requires 72 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree. Students must meet prerequisite requirements of 18 credit hours, and then complete 18 credit hours of management core courses, 6 credit hours of a minor/support area, 12 credit hours of research methods/tools courses, 3 credit hours of electives, and 15 credit hours of dissertation.

    Fall Year 1
    MAN 7207: Foundational Organizational Theories
    MAN 7900: Management Research Methods
    PSYC 7217C: Univariate Statistics
    MAN 7922: Management Professional Development Seminar

    Spring Year 1
    MAN 7275: Organizational Behavior Seminar
    MAN 7776: Strategic Management Seminar
    MAR 7626: Multivariate Statistics
    MAN 7922: Management Professional Development Seminar

    Fall Year 2
    MAN 7916: Special Topics in Management (e.g., Meta-Analysis, HRM Seminar)
    GEB 7911: Structural Equation Modeling
    Minor/Support Course (e.g., Econometrics)
    MAN 7922: Management Professional Development Seminar

    Spring Year 2
    MAN 7916: Special Topics in Management (e.g., Entrepreneurship)
    Minor/Support Course
    Research Methods Specialty Course

    Comprehensive Exams Taken Summer Between Years 2-3

    Fall/Spring Year 3
    MAN 7979: Research Hours

    Fall/Spring Years 4-5
    Dissertation Work and Job Market Preparation