Whether you’re a proud alum or just a big fan of UCF and the College of Business, we invite you to come visit us! From tailgates to CareerFest, we offer hundreds of ways for you to get involved with the college — Central Florida’s No. 1 provider of talent. Here you’ll find out what is happening in the college and find opportunities to:

  • network with alums, faculty, business and community leaders
  • mentor undergraduate and graduate students
  • share your experience and expertise with young Knights

Mentoring Program

The College of Business Mentoring Program offers students the opportunity to explore topics such as academic majors, internships, career planning, college to career transition and professional development with an alumni or community leader mentor.
Alumni and community professionals serve as advisors, share experiences and provide new perspectives and insights into the business industry. The Mentorship Program seeks to match those who share similar academic backgrounds, professional interests and career fields.

How to Apply – What Potential Mentors Need to Know

After reading the information below, please visit the Business Knights Network to complete the online application to become a mentor.

What is the role of a mentor?

A mentor serves as a role model to a student mentee by providing advice and guidance, as well as sharing their personal experiences. Mentors should be willing to give constructive feedback to students, in an effort to help identify goals, develop strategies, and instill confidence. A mentor is encouraged to have at least 5 years of professional experience and can come from various academic majors with experiences and careers in a wide range of industries.

Who are the students and what is their role?

This program is for business students only, and are typically juniors or seniors. Students apply to the program to learn about building their network, to identify academic and career plans, or to refine certain skills. They are expected to be respectful, professional, and willing to accept constructive feedback. They are encouraged to attend workshops offered prior to entering the mentorship program on how to make the mentoring experience a positive and effective experience for both parties. The students attending Meet Your Mentor are also required to attend a pre-training before the event with the Career Coaches. This event is geared towards career exploration and development.
If a student chooses to have a virtual mentor, they must be pre-qualified by the Office of Professional Development. Typically, students are in their senior year and know which industry they want to work in and have an idea of what city they would like to live in post-graduation. Virtual mentoring is geared towards post-graduation and long-term career plans.
Students are aware this is NOT a job placement program, but if they take full advantage of this opportunity, they will gain valuable skills and knowledge that will assist them in their job search and future career.

What is the time commitment?

The formal program lasts through one semester. Each pair determines the time commitment based on their goals for the year. It is required for the mentor/mentee pairs to meet twice before the end of the semester for the student to receive class credit points. These dates are suggested by the professor to ensure the best experience. It is important that pairs engage in consistent communication, and have mutual expectations for the frequency of interaction. If they choose to, pairs can continue their relationship beyond the school year, outside of the formal program.

If the student is not doing for class credit or virtual mentoring, the mentoring relationship can be established by each pair. It is recommended to touch base at least once a month and to still establish goals and a set guideline of what the pair hopes to accomplish.

How are the matches made?

The matches are made by the Office of Outreach and Engagement based on the preference lists made by both the student and mentor after Meet Your Mentor. Unfortunately, not all of the pairs can be matched perfectly, so we ask mentors to keep an open mind when working with their student mentee.
For virtual mentoring, mentors and mentees are paired according to their survey application, industry and post-graduation desired location.
Please keep in mind selection is determined by number of students participating in the mentorship program and from completion of the survey.

What types of topics do pairs discuss?

Often, students are looking for a sounding board for decisions and milestones they might experience during their college career. Some areas where a mentor can be of assistance include selecting a major, understanding career paths, discussing a professional area, discussing a specific industry, leadership, building a personal network, resume and cover letter help, interview preparation, negotiating job offers, transition to the workplace, workplace experiences, and considering an advanced degree.

A suggested schedule and goal sheet are provided at the beginning of the semester to help pairs prepare for each meeting.

Are alumni required to return to campus to participate in the Mentoring Program?

To be a mentor, it is strongly encouraged to attend the Meet Your Mentor event, held each fall and spring. If you are not able to attend, you may be matched after the Meet Your Mentor event, depending on student interest. The fall 2019 event is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 6 p.m.

Is virtual mentoring available?

Yes, virtual mentoring is available. Potential mentors can live anywhere in the world. Students are typically in their senior year and focusing on post-graduation plans.

What resources are provided to mentors?

  • A Mentorship Guide is provided at the beginning of the semester, which includes tips and conversation starters that can be used to assist with discussion topics during the mentoring relationship.
  • A pre-training workshop is required prior to Meet Your Mentor event.
  • Mentors are given insight regarding additional resources available at the college and university that may be helpful to the students. They also are invited to bring their mentee to special college events.
  • Periodic e-mail reminders are sent to both mentors and mentees throughout the semester.

How will I benefit from the Mentoring Program?

Mentors benefit by experiencing the personal fulfillment that comes from helping your mentee achieve his/her goals; contributing to a richer, more interactive experience for our students; and networking with other mentors. The program is also a great way to stay connected to the UCF College of Business.



Business Alumni Panels

Share your industry experience and insights with students.
Panel breakouts include:

  • Corporate and Public Accounting
  • Finance and Investing
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Management and Human Resources
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Women in Business
  • Mock Interviews

Making a Big Impact


Golf Tournament

Sold Out! We are looking forward to the College of Business Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament on Friday, Nov. 19, from 7:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Dubsdread Golf Course! Although we are officially sold out, we are still accepting prize donations. Prizes for the drawings come from your network, so please think of who would be willing to donate items such as golf swag, apparel, sporting tickets, etc.

Hall of Fame

Each year the College of Business honors our most distinguished alumni and partners at a signature gala that attracts more than 700 alumni, faculty, students, corporate partners and friends of UCF. From Hollywood’s heyday and James Bond’s Casino Royale to our most recent Knights on Ice theme, the entertaining event has become THE networking event for UCF alums. It’s a night to celebrate great business Knights past and present. Learn More

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