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Exclusive job board for undergraduate business students and employers seeking interns or full-time employees for: Marketing, Management, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Real Estate, and Integrated Business. Knightline offers employers the ability to post roles AND source the College of Business candidate pool. The Employer Relations Team supplements this tool with student recommendations, additional
promotion, and insight regarding engagement and internship for credit processes. Our goal is to take an ACTIVE approach to hiring through Knightline.

  • Post open internships, jobs, work study, and/or volunteer opportunities
  • Source College of Business candidate pool
  • Track student progress throughout hiring process
  • Receive recommendations from ERT
  • Be featured in “Hot Jobs”

Employers — New to Knightline

Want to join Knightline to post an internship or full-time position:

  1. Visit Knightline and choose “not a member” to begin.
  2. The Employer Relations Team will call you within 2 business days to discuss your company and position in further detail.
  3. The Employer Relations Team will grant access to Knightline after which your company can start posting and sourcing!

I’m not ready to post a position, I just want more information regarding the College of Business process:

CLICK HERE to request a conference call with the Employer Relations Team.


Existing Employers on Knightline:

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Employer Relations Team

Help BUSINESS students obtain internship and full-time positions. This involves a variety of things such as: providing students with job search strategies and support, seeking out new opportunities to promote to students, developing key relationships with students and employers to build a strong network in the business community, helping align students’ skills and career goals with open positions, performing company site visits, and more.

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Offering Internships

Whether you are in the process of developing an internship program for your company or inquiring about how to gain business students for existing programs, we can help! The College of business has 6 majors that offer “Internships for credit.” Student are not required to utilize internships as credit, but this is encouraged.

What is internship for credit? Students have the option to supplement a business elective with an internship for Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. The student will pay for this class just like any other, and register for the “internship course” so that it counts towards their degree. After registering and starting the internship, the student is bound to the number of weeks required for the selected semester. During this time, the student will have several major related projects, assignments, and learning objectives that will supplement what they execute within their internship.

What is my commitment as the employer offering internship for credit? Employers need to sign off on the student(s) hours bi-weekly, as a means of tracking hours for the course. Also, we require that you also sign a written contract committing to the hour requirement and employer expectations. At the end of the internship, you will be provided a survey requesting feedback on the student(s) behavior and overall internship experience. All of this is contingent on your job description being approved by the College of Business team to offer credit. Again, not all internships need to be for credit! This is up to the student and their preferences.


Let’s get started!

Ready to post an internship position and offer it for credit?

  1. Post the role on Knightline using the steps above. If you are a new to Knightline, the Employer Relations Team will reach out to vet your position.
  2. Mark the student as “hired” in Knightline after your interviewing process is complete.
  3. Next, it is the students responsibility to make an appointment with the UCF College of Business Internship Coordinator for internship credit approval.
  4. Once approved, the student will provide you with the necessary paperwork that you will need to offer credit.

Already hired a student and now want to offer academic credit?

  1. First make a Knightline account if you don’t already have one. The Employer Relations Team will call you within 2 business days to discuss your internship.
  2. If you have a Knightline account and did not post the role you hired for, email
  3. After your role is vetted, the internship coordinator will discuss next steps with your team and the student.

I want to build an internship program, but don’t know where to start:

CLICK HERE to request a conference call with the Employer Relations Team.

Deadlines to Submit for Credit:

Please note, all students must be signed up for credit 2 weeks prior to that semester starting. Due to this, we recommend posting your position 2-3 months in advance. Go to the UCF Academic Calendar.

Important Documents for Employers:


Quick links:

Get Involved

The Office of Outreach & Engagement at UCF College of Business can show you how your organization can benefit from a relationship with the college. With over 70 unique touchpoints each semester, there is sure to be an event that matches your organizational goals. To learn more about ways to become involved, please visit the Office of Outreach and Engagement page.

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