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Is This Really a Thing?
Is This Really a Thing?
UCF College of Business

Business can be faddish. Paul Jarley, dean of the UCF College of Business, is on a mission to separate fads from fundamental change that will impact students. Join us as we chat with experts, enthusiasts and interesting people to talk business and pose the question… Is This Really a Thing?

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Is This Really a Thing? is an all new podcast hosted by Paul Jarley, Dean of the College of Business at the University of Central Florida. With the help of local experts, enthusiasts and all-around interesting people, Paul decides whether up-and-coming concepts and ideas have the potential to reshape the business landscape. What will students need to learn about to be successful over the next decade? Is Bitcoin a thing? How about eSports? Paul decided to chase down the answers and pose the question… Is This Really a Thing?

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Separating hype from fundamental change.

As dean of one of the largest business schools in the country, it is Paul Jarley’s responsibility to ponder what the world of business will look like in five, ten or even 50 years from now. Figuring out exactly what that means, however, is easier said than done. By creating informed, impassioned and meaningful discourse around interesting topics, Paul is convinced he can provide his faculty at the UCF College of Business with the resources they need to prepare students for what lies ahead. And what better way to create and share this discussion than with a podcast?

Paul Jarley joined UCF in July 2012 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he served as dean and professor of management. Jarley is widely published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and is currently on the editorial board at the Journal of Labor Research. Read more of Dean Jarley’s thoughts on business, leadership and education at business.ucf.edu/dean.