Members of the Integrated Business Advisory Board serve as advisors to the Chair and faculty of the IB Department and help it to meet its mission and accomplish its goal.

Members experience constructive engagement with faculty and students within the program in order to:

  • Expand the program’s outreach to the business community, especially distinguished alumni, business owners, and individuals who are in senior leadership positions.
  • Increase the interaction between the program and the corporate world, resulting in continued professional development of faculty members.
  • Advise faculty members on skills employers need and expect from students upon graduation.
  • Expose Integrated Business students to business owners and senior executives through:
    • Speaking to student organizations or at The EXCHANGE,
    • Providing internships,
    • Acting as mentors,
    • Educating CBA career counselors, and
    • Hiring IB students upon graduation, when appropriate.
  • Assist the director in solidifying funding initiatives including support for student competitions, student organizations, an internship program, and professional development of faculty.
  • Promote the image of the Integrated Business Program, the College of Business Administration, and the University of Central Florida.