MAY 31, 2018

Strategic Planning – A Streamlined Model that Focuses on Essentials for Competitive Advantage

Traditional strategic planning can be a complicated and somewhat disconnected process for most businesses. You spend time and money on a plan, and then it sits on the shelf collecting dust. Many of the tools used are designed for large companies and they don’t scale well for small to medium sized companies, or even strategic business units within a corporation. Dr. Porter has worked as a strategic planner for more than 30 years, he has taught and published on the subject for more than a decade, and he has developed a more focused model for strategic planning. The three-step model, called the Rx for Focused Strategic Planning, is now available in a one day workshop.

This workshop will walk you through each of the three steps, and leave you ready to implement the model for your company, or your area of responsibility within a larger company. The three steps focus on knowing your customers’ true requirements, understanding the resources your company needs to meet these customer requirements, and developing a strategic plan to move your company to a position of competitive advantage in your market.

Sample worksheets will be provided for your use both in the workshop, and after the workshop, to help you develop and implement the plan. A pre-workshop survey will be used to give you the opportunity to submit your challenges for review, and where possible, incorporation into the exercises used in the workshop.

Note: This workshop is naturally paired with the one on Effective Leadership – the models used in both workshops complement each other.



  • Mid-level and senior managers, executives, or those transitioning into managerial roles across functional areas including, but not limited to operations, R&D, engineering, finance, marketing, HR, across all industries who influence the strategic direction of their firms
  • Small business owners developing and streamlining their strategic plans



  • Discover your customers’ true requirements
  • Understand the resources needed to meet customer requirements
  • Find out how to develop a focused strategic plan for your organization
  • Acquire the best tools for strategy implementation
  • Practice using an industry case and key exercises
  • Earn 6.5 HRCI credits and 0.8 CEUs


$450 per participant

UCF Alumni, non-profit organization, and multiple-registration discounts also available. more info




Robert L. Porter, Ph.D., is an accomplished leader in business development and implementing strategic leadership. He earned his Ph.D. at UCF’s College of Business Administration focus on Entrepreneurship and Strategy. He is the Executive Director of the UCF Executive Development Center and he regularly teaches in UCF’s Executive & Professional MBA programs. Prior to joining academe, he enjoyed an illustrious career with General Electric, NCR Power Systems, and AT&T, along with numerous start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. He also was Chief Operating Officer and member of the organizing team that founded and then successfully sold a community bank.


Workshop Overview

Thursday, May 31, 2018

8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • Practical Strategic Planning using the Three Step Focused Model
  • Step One – Focus on Customer Value Requirements
    • Understand Your Customers Using Value Maps
    • Why They Buy – Price vs. Features in Products and Services
    • Developing the right strategy for the right customers
  • Step Two – Focus on Your Value Creation System
    • Understand Your Value Chain
    • Operational Excellence vs. Strategy
    • Creating and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage
  • Step Three – Focus on Aligning Your Value Creation System to Your Customer
    • It’s About Fit – Aligning How You Create Value to Customer Needs
    • Micro-Strategy and Micro-Marketing – Keys to Surviving
  • Strategic Leadership Process Summary – Three Step Model Review
  • Strategy Case – Applying The Model
  • Summary and Q&A





“The UCF Strategic Leadership class provided me with techniques to improve my strategic thinking of complex relationships between the organization and its environment.”

Bill Causey, Engineer, The Aerospace Corporation

“Finally, a professional development class that taught how to put the learned tools into practice!”

— Desiree Edwards, Relationship Planning Manager, Club Assist

“Prof. Porter is a great teacher and brings an incredible amount of real-world experience to the classroom.”

— Aaron Bottenhorn, Program Manager, Asset Strategy, Orlando Health

“Just entering into a new franchise and the tools I received from this course have helped me check off some boxes and shift some resources.”

Wesley Woods, Computer Base Instruction Design, 17 TRSS/TSF Air Force


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