Finals week is creeping up on us, and it is important to begin preparation. Moving to online classes in these past semesters has been a transition for everyone, and it may have led to some bad habits that students need to break out of to reach their full potential on finals. These psychological, physical and mental tips and tricks can help you avoid any finals week faux pas.


When facing an enemy, superheroes do not slouch or sit down. They stand strong and powerful, ready for battle. Preparing for a final exam? Take a page out of Superman’s playbook and try power-posing for two minutes prior to an exam. Studies show that power-posing before tests, examinations, competitions and other stressful environments may increase hormones linked to dominance (testosterone) and lower hormones linked to stress (cortisol).

Some power-poses include standing up straight with your hands on your hips in a superhero stance, or with your arms straight up above your head reaching for the sky. Remember to channel your inner superhero when holding these poses!

Proper Posture

If you take only one tip away from this article, it should be do not take your exam in your bed. With many classes and finals being online this semester, you may have developed the habit of doing schoolwork from the comfort of your own bed. While it may be physically comfortable, it is doing you a disservice. Not only is it difficult to lay out your necessary materials on a bed, but the posture that your body is in while lying in bed can limit your productivity.

Doing work in bed has been linked to low levels of focus and energy. This is not surprising, being that your brain associates your bed with sleep. Head to your nearest cafe, order your favorite beverage and take your exam on a workspace where you will not be tempted to curl up and doze off. Even simply moving from your bed to a desk space or countertop will improve your engagement and raise your energy levels.

Polished Pants

While staying home for prolonged periods of time, you may have developed a habit of staying in your pajamas or sweats all day. While it is easy to fall into this cycle since you may not be going anywhere, simply getting up and getting dressed will get you ready for the day in more ways than one.
You do not necessarily have to put on a full face of makeup or your trendiest outfit, but simply washing your face, brushing your hair or changing your shirt can help set the tone for your day. According to California psychotherapist Jennifer Musselman, putting on an outfit in the morning releases neurotransmitters and endorphins in our brains that spark a sense of purpose.

Prepare with Intention and Charge on Knights!

Follow these steps to prepare for your finals and you’ll be dressed, seated at a desk and feeling like a superhero! Try implementing these tips into your finals preparation so you will be mentally and physically ready to tackle your exams. Go Knights, Charge On!