As an award-winning researcher, Dr. Yayla-Kullu studies a firm’s decisions under competitive pressures and increasing product variety, in particular when the resource capacity is constrained. She has publications in top-tier journals such as Production and Operations Management and Decision Sciences. Her dissertation won the 2008 Runner-up Award in the prestigious APICS George and Marion Plossl Research Fellowship Competition. She is frequently invited to organize and chair sessions and to give talks at prominent universities and academic conferences. She is also a regular reviewer for leading academic journals in the field.

As an award-winning teacher, she enjoys teaching operations management, supply chain management, quantitative methods, business analytics and statistics courses. Her classes enable participants to develop a general understanding of the quantitative approaches to decision making. She aims to help students understand that many managerial situations have quantitative considerations that are important in the decision-making process.

Prior to beginning her academic career, Dr. Yayla-Kullu worked as an internal auditor-investigator for Finansbank A.S., a leading financial institution in Turkey. Her previous work experience also includes a software company, where she worked as an internal SAP consultant, as well as a glass manufacturing company and a construction materials manufacturing company.

Research Interests

Operations/Marketing Interface, Service Operations, Supply Chain Management, Management of Product Variety, Capacity Management, Operational Flexibility.


Ph.D. in Operations, Technology, and Innovation Management, Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC-Chapel Hill
M.S. in Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey
B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey

Research & Publications

H. M. Yayla-Kullu, J. K. Ryan, and J. M. Swaminathan, 2021, “Product Line Flexibility for Agile and Adaptable Operations”, Production and Operations Management, 30 (3), 725-737. (Finalist for the Best Paper Award at INFORMS Annual Meeting Service Science Cluster) (Finalist for the Best Analytical Paper Award at DSI Annual Meeting)

A. Gnanlet, C. McDermott, L. Sharma, and H. M. Yayla-Kullu, 2021, “Impact of Workforce Flexibility on Quality of Care: Moderating Effects of Workload and Severity of Illness,” Forthcoming in International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

H. M. Yayla-Kullu, P. Tansitpong, A. Gnanlet, C. McDermott, and J.F. Durgee, 2015. “Employees’ National Culture and Service Quality: An Integrative Review,” Service Science, 7(1), 1–18. (Finalist for the Best Conceptual Paper Award at DSI Annual Meeting)

H. M. Yayla-Kullu, A. K. Parlakturk and J. M. Swaminathan, 2013. “Multiproduct Quality Competition: Impact of Resource Constraints,” Production and Operations Management, 22 (3), 603-614.

H. M. Yayla-Kullu, 2013. “Capacity Investment and Product Line Decisions of a Multiproduct Leader and a Focus Strategy Entrant,” Decision Sciences, 44(4), 645-678.

M. A. Ulku, L. C. Dailey, and H. M. Yayla-Kullu, 2013. “Serving Fraudulent Customers: The Impact of Return Policies on Retailer’s Profitability,” Service Science, 5(4), 296-309. (Best Paper Runner-Up Award at INFORMS Annual Meeting Service Science Cluster) (Showcase Article featured with a podcast on INFORMS website)

H. M. Yayla-Kullu, A. K. Parlakturk and J. M. Swaminathan, 2011. “Segmentation Opportunities for a Social Planner: Impact of Limited Resources,” Decision Sciences, 42 (1), 275-296. (Showcase Article featured in DSI 2011 Brochure)

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