Dr. Geoffrey K. Turnbull is the Jim Heistand-NAIOP Eminent Scholar Chair and Professor of Real Estate at UCF. He is a Fellow of the Weimer School of Advanced Studies in Real Estate and Land Economics. Previous academic appointments include Professor of Economics at Georgia State University and Professor of Economics and the C. J. Brown Distinguished Professor of Real Estate at LSU. His current research on real property focuses on housing markets, real estate brokerage, property rights issues in developed and developing countries, and the effects of taxation and regulation on urban land use. He has published extensively in both real estate and economics journals on these and related topics and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Journal of Housing Economics, and Review of Regional Studies. Recently, Dr. Turnbull was named the Editor of the Journal of Housing Research. Dr. Turnbull also advises local governments and firms and organizations in the business services, energy, and hospitality industries on a variety of issues.