As a teenager in Romania, Cristian had the chance to directly experience the fall of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe and the following tumultuous transition towards democracy and free market economy.

He started his professional activity as a field reporter for a local newspaper, served in the Romanian army and worked in a power plant while finishing an undergraduate program in management. After graduation, he went to work as an executive in construction and real estate development related companies. Presented with the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity in Romania, he took the challenge and switched from building mansions to developing affordable housing for disadvantaged people. During this time, he graduated from an M.B.A. program and launched his first business, an eco-friendly and sustainable building company.

Cristian enjoyed working with a diversity of people, from all backgrounds and social classes, learned something from every person he met, and understood that in order to increase the impact of his work he needed to increase his knowledge first. For this reason, he went for a one-year postgraduate program in economic development at Michigan State University and worked alongside people from over 80 countries. Cristian, went back to Romania where he launched a consulting company for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Never tired of exploring, he moved to Florida in 2014 and taught Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship classes in the Management Department at UCF while earning a Master’s in Human Resources and Change Management.

Now he teaches Managerial Economics and Managing Small Business Finances with the Integrated Business program and is running his newly launched international trade company.

Always enjoying new places and cultures, Cristian has traveled to more than 35 countries on four continents and he’s not planning to stop anytime soon.

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