Originally Published on May 11, 2023

Before teaching, Dr. Ray Eddy was a professional stuntman who acted in movies and TV shows, but his most significant role was as Indiana Jones at Walt Disney World for eight years. Ray is currently a lecturer in the Integrated Business Department and is in his sixth year at UCF. Before joining the College of Business, he spent five years at Rosen College teaching Entertainment Management.

His advice for Business Knights is to pursue your passion.

“Some people told me a math major wouldn’t end up being a stuntman, so I shouldn’t even try. Be smart and work really hard, you never know what might happen for you.”

Ray Eddy Faculty Spotlight

Ray’s favorite thing about teaching is being a source of information, passing on his knowledge and experience, and watching the next generation of leaders run with it.

Fun Facts:
– Won Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award (2021)
– Won Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Award (2022)
– Earned his Ph.D. from UCF in 2021