Staff members include administrative and support staff throughout the college, as well as the Dean’s Office, Office of Professional Development and Office of Outreach & Engagement. Faculty are not included.

Dean's Excellence Awards - Staff

  • Innovation Award

    Awarded to the staff member who suggested and implemented the most innovative idea. Innovative ideas include but are not limited to: (1) New co-curricular activities; (2) Novel ways to encourage student engagement; (3) measures that improve student services, cut costs or both. Nominations may come from College of Business peers or supervisors. Winning staff member receives $500.
  • Most Transformative Moment (STAFF):

    Award based on the description of a one-on-one conversation between a staff member and a student that changed the student's perspective on a topic or the course of their life in some way.
  • Professional Growth Award

    Awarded to the staff member who best exemplifies getting out of their comfort zone, accepting a new professional challenge and rising to the occasion. Nominations must come from an immediate supervisor. The winning staff member will receive $500.