The Bloomberg Terminals

The Bloomberg Essentials terminals are available to provide users with an introduction to the Bloomberg Professional Service. The UCF College of Business has 16 Bloomberg terminals, the most of any university in the state. Twelve terminals are located on the main campus. Four terminals are located at the College of Business at UCF Downtown and can be used only by the College’s executive and professional graduate business programs. The terminals are used as research tools in a number of courses and are funded through generous alumni contributions as well as a small student technology fee.

Universities and colleges around the globe use Bloomberg to bring the real world of business and finance into the classroom, providing students with access to the same information platform used by leading decision makers. The Bloomberg Professional service and Bloomberg Terminal seamlessly integrate the very best in data, news and analytics. The Terminal is a 24-hour, global financial services system that provides transparent and reliable financial, economic and government information covering all market sectors. It features company financials, market data spanning more than 20 years, charts, statistics, a communications platform and current news reports. Many employers utilize Bloomberg terminals in their businesses (there are more than 3,000 terminals in the State of Florida) and students can develop valuable skills that will improve their competitiveness in the job market.

Bloomberg service also allows students to post their resume and accomplishments on the Bloomberg website, which can then be viewed by all terminal users throughout the world. Check out the Getting Started Guide.

Lab Protocols

Please use your own audio headsets when using the terminals to avoid distracting other students. Students can work on the program at their own pace as long as terminals are available. Please limit your time to one hour if other students are waiting. Terminal availability may be limited during peak hours to allow certain classes to complete their assignments.

User ID:

You must create your own Bloomberg user ID and login. To do so from the Bloomberg terminal, click on Create a new login on the front page. You will need to either receive a text message or speak with Bloomberg Customer service during this process to validate your user name and id, so please have a cell phone with you.


Type in BESS <GO> and choose the class that you want to view. Courses are progressive and should be taken in order. Clicking on the course name will start the video.

Bloomberg Market Concepts

Students can receive a certification from Bloomberg by taking the Bloomberg Markets Concept (BMC) course on the terminals. The course consists of four two-hour modules including economic indicators, currencies, fixed income and equity securities. The BMC can also be taken “off terminal” for a fee (the college has a limited number of free licenses available each year). After completing the modules, students take an exam on the material covered and receive their BMC certificate from Bloomberg. Type in BMC to begin the BMC modules.

Bloomberg Core Courses

Course Approximate Viewing Time
Getting Started 18 minutes
Bloomberg News 18 minutes
Market Monitors and Launch Pad 18 minutes
API (Bloomberg Data in Excel) 30 minutes

Bloomberg Market Sector Courses

Course Approximate Viewing Time
Equity Essentials 30 minutes
Fixed Income Essentials 30 minutes
FX Essentials 30 minutes
Commodity Essentials 30 minutes

Acknowledgement Documents:

To request the Acknowledgment Document, type 6<GO> in the Bloomberg Essentials menu, provide your name and your email address, and specify the Market Sector course that you completed. Upon the completion of the four Course courses and one of the Market Sector courses, an Acknowledgment Document will be issued within 2 weeks of the request.