Marshall Schminke, Ph.D., speaks about ethical work cultures at the Dean’s Speaker Series, held at the Citrus Club in Downtown Orlando.
Marshall Schminke, Ph.D., speaks about ethical work cultures at the Dean’s Speaker Series, held in Downtown Orlando.


Whether in the classroom, or delivering a talk at the Dean’s Speaker Series, faculty members are engaged in the latest research and program development to bring the next generation of business leaders to market. In addition, UCF alumni are leading businesses and charting new courses for businesses worldwide.

The CBA provides access to provocative thought leaders:

Students and the business community benefit from the thought leaders associated with the UCF College of Business Administration. More than 140 faculty members provide leadership in the classroom and industry with research and academic support. In addition, the college has more than 70,000 graduates that are working throughout the world, many of whom lead major organizations, or are building their own unique business. Our faculty, staff and alumni contribute to a wonderful tapestry of thought leadership and leading authorities in all aspects of business.

In 2014, the college launched the Dean’s Speaker Series as a way to introduce many of our thought leaders to the business community. Some of the topics and faculty members include:

Organizational Hypocrisy

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts, Ph.D., Pegasus Professor in the School of Accounting, gave business leaders an inside look at how the demands of conflicting stakeholders impact the ability for companies to be consistent in what they say and the importance of an organization’s messaging being internally consistent.

Why Fairness Matters

Maureen Ambrose

Maureen Ambrose, Ph.D., from the Department of Management, discussed the impact of fairness on employees, customers and profitability. Her research is contributing to how company leaders better manage the expectations and rewards offered to employees and how to best manage resources to build a stronger culture.

Developing an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Cameron Ford

Cameron Ford, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Management, discussed his work directing the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Blackstone LaunchPad. Dr. Ford is on the forefront of creating a framework where students throughout the university can engage in programs and activities to develop the skills and abilities of an entrepreneur, take control of their career and better manage the most important things in life.

Economic Outlook

Sean Snaith

Sean Snaith, Ph.D., director of the Institute for Economic Competitiveness, gave an overview of the national and local economic outlook for the year ahead. His work is instrumental in helping develop the economic development initiatives for Central Florida. His presentation is in heavy demand throughout the year as he is a frequent contributor to business media outlets and publications nationwide.

The Big Data Economy

Amit Joshi

Amit Joshi, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Marketing, discussed the use of data analytics for better business decision-making. His program provides business leaders with the fundamental building blocks of how to source, sort and use the avalanche of information to help sharpen the business plan and make better decisions.

Protecting Your Brand in the Social Media Economy

Carolyn Massiah

Carolyn Massiah, Ph.D., lecturer in the Department of Marketing, provided insights into how to improve social media marketing communication. Through the information she provided, business, government and community leaders gained insight into the impact social media has on stakeholder’s decisions and how to best address these issue in the structure of marketing and communications.