The Great Capstone Case Competition

We are providing students with experiences in and out of the classroom that contribute to a unique college culture.

Student Organizations

Business-related student organizations (or associations) provide a voice for business students in the College of Business Administration.

The Business Leadership Council

The Business Leadership Council (BLC) comprises leadership executive committee members from all of the Registered Student Organizations in the UCF College of Business. The purpose of the BLC is to provide a platform for cross collaboration, communication and problem solving for these groups, so they can improve operations, marketing, membership and contributions to and for the students. The BLC also provides a platform for leadership development and new opportunities for students to learn and serve.

Business Leadership Council

Some of the engaging experiences include:


Career Professionalism Classes

This is the course which every professional will say; “I wish they offered that when I was in school.” The unique series of classes provides students with instruction, networking, lectures and opportunity to attend events which provide knowledge, skills and abilities to develop a career plan and secure a professional position after graduation. Unlike traditional “lecture-based” classes, students will be asked to engage in events outside the classroom, work on sourcing jobs and career opportunities, be introduced to their career coaches and engage with professionals through designated programs.

Career Professionalism classes

Professional Selling Program

This sales-based program, part of the Department of Marketing, admits only two cohorts of 30 students each year. The job placement rate is above 95 percent upon graduation.

Professional Selling Program

Bloomberg Professional Service

This service, used by more than 320,000 subscribers worldwide, provides real-time and historical data on market activities and trends.

Bloomberg Professional Service

Student Leadership

The College of Business Student Ambassadors Supported by Northwestern Mutual represent the college and the Dean at internal and external events. In addition, they lead efforts internally to cultivate student engagement and involvement. The college encourages involvement and has 20 registered student organizations to choose from.

Student Ambassadors - Student Leadership

Office of Professional Development

Our Career Coaches help advise students on their chosen career and guide them through professional development. The Advising Team handles schedule planning and policy questions.

UCF Career Coaches

Welcome to the Majors

Every semester the college hosts “Welcome to the Majors” to give students the opportunity to learn about programs, organizations and degrees offered.

Welcome to the Majors crowd and stage


The Great Capstone Case competition allows students to develop recommendations for solving real-world problems. The Dean’s Failure Competition provides seniors with an opportunity to reflect on their mistakes and learn from them.

Joust Business Plan Competition winners

Study Abroad

The world is your classroom. A semester abroad in Spain, Austria, France, the Netherlands, or Australia will expand your worldview and teach you about international business practices.

study abroad student in ireland