To build a second source of income,  Koren Marinberg, President of Young Investors Club, says it is key to understand the basics of the stock market and to know when to invest.

“Anyone can create a second income on the side of their normal job if they know what they are doing,” Marinberg says. As a finance major graduating in Spring 2020, Marinberg is pushing himself to be part of a wealth management company within the next five years, then to either start his own firm or continue his investment trading career. Marinberg has been apart of Young Investors Club for three years and has grown within the club. He now serves as the current president, allowing him to lead and coach other students on investment banking.

To prepare for weekly meetings, Marinberg collaborates with a team of analysts who formulate equity market views, forecasts, and develops market recommendations to share with other business students in hopes of having a better understanding of financial trends. With more than 100 active members, the Young Investors Club is designed to teach students the fundamentals of how to invest in stock trading.

Aside from hanging out with friends and tailgating before UCF games, Marinberg spends his free time trying to build a stronger portfolio. Being a member of the Young Investors Club has helped him develop a grasp on lucrative investing and trading strategies in the current global and financial markets.

The Young Investors Club welcomes all students, regardless of experience or major, to attend meetings and learn sound financial management skills and discover and share ideas, while networking with some of the brightest minds at UCF.

Getting to Know the Young Investors

What is the vision of the Young Investors Club?

The Young Investors Club is designed to educate members on how to accumulate wealth, achieve success, and gain financial freedom. This club is a place on campus where the most motivated and knowledgeable investment students at UCF meet to discuss lucrative investment and trading strategies in the current global and financial markets.

What is something unique that the Young Investors Club offers to business students?

Club membership offers deals with brokerages, along with opportunities to take club trips around the country to attend special TradersExpos. The Young Investors Club also hosts monthly socials, as well as weekly get togethers after each meeting to hang out and socialize with other members. During each semester, the club brings in guest speakers like millionaires Tom Sosnoff, Pete and John Narjarian..

How does being apart of the Young Investors Club enhance student’s UCF experience?

Not only is it a great club to join to enhance your future, but being in the club gives you more knowledge when it comes to your classes and what is being taught in them. Having more knowledge about financials and investing will make you a better student overall.

What companies are affiliated with the Young Investors Club?

The Young Investors Club is affiliated with Grocery Anchored and has had Tom Sosnoff, creator of Thinkorswim and TastyTrade, as well as numerous hedge funds come in and talk to the club

What is your favorite part about being a member of the Young Investors Club?

The casual atmosphere of the club allows you to interact on any topic during the meetings and talk with other members to discuss trading patterns or tips and tricks when it comes to trading. The club is designed to teach you about stocks and trading in an easy and friendly manner.

Connect with Young Investors Club

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