Executive MBA

Paul Bellas, EMBA 2009
Project Director
International Speedway Corporation

Having an engineering undergraduate degree, UCF’s EMBA program gave me the confidence and understanding of business needed to operate at a high level within my organization. The program’s focus on developing speaking, team work, leadership and critical thinking skills have helped develop my career in measurable ways. Overall, I’m very thankful for my time at UCF and appreciative of the hard work put into this program by the Executive Development Center.

Toni Caracciolo, EMBA 2014
Vice President of Marketing
Visit Orlando

My Executive MBA experience was an intense and rewarding time well spent, from the in-class engagement, to competitive team assignments capped off with the life-changing international residency. This program has certainly improved my overall business acumen, as well as my ability to think and strategize more like an executive or even a CEO. The educational value of this program is priceless as the Central Florida community benefits from graduate who are skilled strategic planners and, most importantly, skilled engaged leaders.

Ross Coapstick, EMBA 2016
Executive Director, Digestive Health & Surgery Institute

The Bloomberg terminal was an incredible resource that allowed me to access all of the latest industry news, social media postings, securities information and regulatory changes in a matter of seconds. This was information senior leadership was learning hours to days after I was seeing it in the terminal. It undoubtedly enhanced my EMBA experience, which has in turn enriched my professional life.

Heather Czujak, EMBA 2016
Senior Marketing Manager, Market Strategy

The cohort experience really fostered collaboration, peer-to-peer learning and working with like-minded individuals who you could lean on during this intensive 19-month program. The networking alone was something I would not have gained from a non-cohort experience – plus I made some terrific new friends in the process.

Darren Engle, EMBA 2009
President, Chief Executive Officer
Multicore Protonics

The UCF Executive MBA program is both challenging and rewarding. It connects you with the right cohorts and professors whose diverse industry experience and theoretical knowledge base collectively creates a platform that will launch you in to your next adventure.

Alex Martins, EMBA 2001
Chief Executive Officer
Orlando Magic

There is no doubt in my mind that if it were not for my MBA from the UCF College of Business, I would not be in the CEO role that I am responsible for today. My experience at the UCF College of Business gave me the strategic, financial and managerial education that I lacked to make a well-rounded executive, capable of tackling the challenging business environment that comes with operating a professional sports franchise.

Jayne Parker, EMBA 1994
Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
The Walt Disney Company

My hope for any student is that an institution opens up the world, opens up possibilities. That’s what UCF did for me. I started at UCF knowing that I wanted to get a great education, but not knowing exactly how I’d ultimately use it to make a difference in the world. I left with the skills to help people discover how they can be their best.

Angela Pilkington, EMBA 2013
Chief Financial Officer
Correct Craft, Inc.

Attending the UCF Executive MBA program was the best experience I have ever had. The program gave me the tools to think more strategically and effectively in my job. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone looking to advance their career with an MBA.

Anne Provost, EMBA 2008
Chief Financial Officer
TNR Technical

Challenge yourself with the UCF Executive MBA program. Increase your knowledge, expand your understanding, form incredible relationships, enhance your future, and have fun! I’ve never laughed as hard as I did with my cohort. The program will change your life; and you will never look at business the same way again.

Leslie Smith, M.D., EMBA 2015
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer
True Health

The UCF Executive MBA was invaluable to my career advancement. It has allowed me the opportunity to obtain the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to take my career to a higher level.

Part-Time Professional MBA

Kimberly Fulcher, PMBA Daytona 2010
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer
Halifax Health

The UCF PMBA allowed me to fulfill a dream and achieve a goal. It is masterfully created for those with busy careers and family commitments who want to further their education and career. The curriculum is very engaging and provides a foundation of knowledge and proficiency in all areas of business.

Nouval Guerrero, PMBA Downtown 2009
Vice President, Portfolio Management
CNL Financial Group

The UCF PMBA provides practical education for the real-world professional. The program structure gave me the flexibility to continue my professional career, while advancing my career knowledge and skills.

Marcel Harris, PMBA Valencia West 2015
Senior Director, Enterprise Projects
Orange County Public Schools

The UCF PMBA provided value to my career by giving me an overall understanding of the foundations needed to lead strategic business units in finance, marketing, accounting and more. I also enjoyed the convenience of the program, particularly the location.

Laurie Matta, PMBA Daytona 2010
Chief Financial Officer
City of Clarksville, TN

As a CFO focused in accounting, I transferred from the MSA to the PMBA program. One of the best decisions I ever made. It provided me the overall corporate strategy, knowledge, skills and abilities to be an effective leader and secure future growth opportunities. The UCF Professional MBA program was a wonderful experience, I would highly recommend.

Alex Richwagen, PMBA Downtown 2012
CEO, Co-Founder
Cornholeonwater Corp.

The UCF PMBA experience set me up for success by creating a learning environment required for today’s professional whom not only wants to get ahead in life, but stay ahead. By providing that foundation, I was able to do things in life that I wasn’t fully capable of before. Those goals include advancing my career to the next level, buying a home, publishing a book, running my own company, and having enough financial security in order to do that by increasing my salary to a much more comfortable level for my family. It takes internal drive to do those things, but the UCF PMBA program provided the education and direction needed in order to accomplish them.

Alicen Robinson, PMBA Valencia West 2015
Senior Project Engineer
Lockheed Martin

The professors in the PMBA program are top-notch! Each instructor brought in high-level experience and exposure to their area of expertise. I always felt comfortable speaking with about issues related to business whether or not it was in their area of expertise. I chose UCF’s PMBA program because of the convenience of the location, schedule and the curriculum. I believe this program encompasses all the requisite materials needed to compete in today’s global business field.

Full-Time Professional MBA

Alicia Rambarran, Full-Time PMBA 2017
Brand Marketing Manager
Walt Disney World Resorts

UCF’s Full-Time PMBA program provided a wealth of business knowledge and skills that have allowed me to develop as a professional. The accelerated coursework, highly selected faculty, and cohort experience demonstrate the true value and benefits derived from this program. The UCF PMBA is carefully crafted to provide students with concierge service, that allows academic and professional development to be the number one priority. After the completion of this program, my MBA gave me the competitive advantage to land a position in my dream industry. The UCF PMBA program is one of the best investments you could make for yourself.

PMSM/Business Analytics

Kelly Amey, PMSM/Business Analytics 2017
Manager, Sales Support & Business Operations
Tupperware Brands

Going into the program, I knew I enjoyed working with numbers and the more analytical side of business. The Business Analytics program allowed me to explore what specific areas within Analytics I enjoyed. For me, it wasn’t about running models, it’s about reporting and how to find actionable insights within data…I would recommend the UCF PMSM/Business Analytics program for those looking to make data driven decisions in business. In addition, the ability to work full time allowed me to immediately apply what I was learning. As I was able to continually improve my skills, this led to a new position that is directly related to the program.

Christopher J. Olson, PMSM/Business Analytics 2017
Senior Enterprise Architect
Orlando Health

When I made the decision to go back to school for my master’s, I initially thought I would pursue a master’s in engineering. I wanted to transition into a management role and knew a graduate degree was essential to make this move. I came across the UCF PMSM Business Analytics program when I researched UCF’s graduate programs. With my background in information systems and engineering, big data and business analytics were always interesting to me so I decided to consider the program as an option. I wanted to become skilled at taking a data-driven approach to solving problems. After comparing the engineering program to the PMSM Business Analytics degree, I knew it was the ideal master’s program to help me achieve my goals.

PMSM/Human Resources

Derek DeSalvia, PMSM/Human Resources 2011
Senior Vice President
Hilton Grand Vacations

The PMSM program has become a tremendous asset in my life. Not only was it an amazing academic experience, but a great personal journey as well. I would highly suggest anyone seeking a higher education to invest in this program.

Heather Deyrieux, PMSM/Human Resources 2009
Human Resources Manager, Workforce Planning
Sarasota County Government

My Master of Science in Management with a concentration in human resources has led to several promotions and various volunteer opportunities. The personal growth and development over the coursework was great training for public speaking, as well as key HR topics.

Amber Parrish, PMSM/Human Resources 2015
HR Professional, Cross Functional Process & Projects
Siemens Corporate

The PMSM program has given me a bridge between my Psychology undergraduate degree, my professional experience and my goals for a human resources career path. During the program, I was able to seek out a higher level position within my company that also furthers my goals within HR.

Jack Winningham, PMSM/Human Resources 2011
Implementation Project Manager

The PMSM goes far beyond an academic experience. The program enhanced both my professional growth in human resources and my personal development as an individual. The faculty members were always available and continue to be on my email and LinkedIn. I miss being part of the program. In fact, I keep my cohort photo on my desktop at work to remind me of this life-changing experience.

Shelby Schneid, PMSM/Human Resources 2015
Senior Human Resource Manager
GE Power

The UCF PMSM Program gave me the building blocks I needed in both human resources and business management to pursue my career. Having taken courses in business law, change management, ethical leadership, and the opportunity put those to use in a capstone project gave me the upper hand when I entered the job market. Having a job offer from a Fortune 500 company before I graduated from the program was a surprise. Getting promoted after being with the company only a year was an even greater surprise. I truly do not believe I would have been able to land these opportunities without the education, real-life experience, and strategic business curriculum I received from UCF. I was able to graduate from the program with all the tools, experience, and professional connections I would need entering the field and succeed in it.

Professional MSRE

Yvonne Baker, PMSRE 2011
Regional Managing Partner
Franklin Street

The best business decision you ever made? “Going back to UCF and getting my master’s degree in 2010 to 2011. That motivated me to do more, look at work and life in a different perspective as education can do. That decision put me on the path to be prepared for this opportunity at Franklin Street.

Quentin Caruso, PMSRE 2011
Senior Manager, Real Estate

PMRE’s cohort format helped me learn from gifted professors and perform team projects with experienced professionals. Student quality and cohort size prompted bonding that I neither expected nor found in undergraduate classes. As most students were from local industry, we were real-world competitors, but PMRE brought us together in an environment of team work and mutual respect.

Marshall Cohn, PMSRE 2011
The Dunhill Companies

I had been a commercial real estate professional for 30 plus years when I enrolled in the PMRE program. I can attest to the validity and value of the program, as I now practice my profession on a higher intellectual level. My fellow graduates and I highly, and unanimously, recommend the program to those who desire to improve their knowledge and understanding of the real estate industry.

Shelly Potts, PMSRE 2017
Tannath Design, Inc.

The decision to go back to college for my master’s in real estate was not an easy one, but was probably one of the best career decisions I have ever made. It opened me up to aspects of the real estate and development industry that I always knew existed, yet didn’t know how to break into. The network of real estate professionals I now have at my fingertips is massive and a game changer for my company. Since graduation I have been able to go on to earn the coveted CCIM designation, expand my business to include my own real estate brokerage, while giving back to UCF as a mentor and instructor in the real estate program. The faculty are beyond compare with such amazing industry insight and I know I could contact them even today if I wanted their opinion on anything that is happening in the industry.