Professor Gatchev is an Associate Professor at the Department of Finance of the UCF College of Business. Prior to joining the department, he was a full-time faculty member at Tulane University.

Professor Gatchev’s research interests are in the areas of Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Innovation, Stock Market Liquidity, and Corporate Governance. Some of his research explores the role of investment banks in the market for equity issues. Another part of his research studies corporate investment, financing, and payout decisions while modeling the joint nature of these decisions. Professor Gatchev also has done work on corporate innovation, stock market liquidity, financial analysts, and corporate governance.

Professor Gatchev’s research has been published in top-tier academic journals, including the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Research Policy, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance and others. His work has been presented at numerous conferences and seminars around the world.


  • “Director Self-Dealing: Evidence from Compensation Peer Groups” with Melissa Frye and Duong Pham, Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming
  • “Price Bands and Their Effects on Equity Markets: Evidence from a Natural Experiment” with Rama Seth, Ajai Singh, and Vishwanatha S. R., Journal of Financial Markets, 66, 2023, 100840
  • “Using REIT Follow-on Equity Offerings to Pay Down Credit Line Balances: Bank Certification or Monitored Financial Flexibility?” with Nandu Nayar, Steven Price, and Ajai Singh, Journal of Real Estate Research, 2023, 1-34
  • “Attitudes Towards Business and Corporate Governance” with Christo Pirinsky and Mengxin Zhao, Journal of Corporate Finance, 75, 2022, 102249
  • “A Language-Based Approach to Measuring Creative Exploration” with Christo Pirinsky and Buvaneshwaran Venugopal, Research Policy, 51, 2022, 104426
  • “The Liquidity Risk of REITs” with Jeffrey DiBartolomeo and David Harrison, Journal of Real Estate Research, 43, 2021, 47-95
  • “Prestige without Purpose? Reputation, Differentiation, and Pricing in US Equity Underwriting” with Chitru Fernando, Anthony May, and William Megginson, Journal of Corporate Finance, 32, 2015, 41-63
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  • “Wanna Dance? How Firms and Underwriters Choose Each Other” with Chitru Fernando and Paul Spindt, Journal of Finance, 60, 2005, 2437-2469
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