Eric Schmidbauer is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Central Florida. He completed his Ph.D. from Indiana University in 2014 and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan.  His research interests include the economics of information, industrial organization and marketing.  He principally teaches courses in microeconomics at the undergraduate and MBA level.

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Multi-period Competitive Cheap Talk with Highly Biased Experts
Games and Economic Behavior, 102, 240-254.

New and Improved?
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 56C, 26-48.

Equilibrium Informativeness in Veto Games
Games and Economic Behavior, 109, 104-125.

Budget selection when agents compete
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 158, 255-268

Free Product Trials: Disclosing Quality and Match Value
Economic Inquiry forthcoming.

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