David Scrogin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Economics

David Scrogin, Ph.D.


Department of Economics

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Research and Publications

  • Queues, Lotteries and Auctions for Rationing Recreational Access: A Briefing Statement
    Gillian Bowser and David Scrogin, 2002, Office of the Director, National Park Service.
  • Heterogeneous Preferences and Complex Environmental Goods
    Walter Milon and David Scrogin, in Recent Advances in Environmental Economics, John List and Aart de Zeeuw editors, 2002, Amsterdam: Springer-Verlag. Reports and Other Publications
  • An Economic Analysis of the Effects of Land Conservation, Parks and Open Space on Residential Property Values in Orange County, Florida
    J. Walter Milon, David Scrogin, Valerie Seidel, Mark Schneider, and Patrick Walsh, 2006, Department of Economics, University of Central Florida.