Dr. Carolyn A. Massiah is the associate chair for the Department of Marketing and a lecturer in Marketing at UCF College of Business. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a dual emphasis of Marketing and Travel & Tourism Management from the University of New Mexico, a Master’s of Business Administration degree with a dual emphasis of Marketing and International Management from the University of Colorado and a Ph.D. in Marketing from the WP Carey school of Business at Arizona State University.

The research of Dr. Massiah focuses primarily on Intergroup Relations among Consumers within the Service Marketing and Consumer Behavior Domains. She examines subjects such as consumption experiences, commercial friendships, commercial social support, ethnic consumption, nested identities, sense of community, and social networks. Dr. Massiah also maintains a secondary research stream in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, which focuses on student engagement, student entitlement, mass section instruction, and delivery modes. Her research has been published in Journal of Services Research/em>, Journal of Services Management/em>, Services Marketing Quarterly/em>, Marketing Education Review and Managing Service Quality. It has also been presented at various conferences, including, the American Marketing Association, the Annual Frontiers in Services Conference, and the International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing Proceedings.

Dr. Massiah has won several prestigious awards, including Winner of the Association of Consumer Research (ACR) 2013 People’s Choice Best Working Paper Award, 2010 Young Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee of the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico, 2013-14 UCF Faculty Advisor of the Year, 2014 College of Business Administration Excellence in Faculty-Student Engagement Award, 2013 Honorable Mention for the UCF Chuck D. Dziuban Award for Excellence in Online Teaching, and the 2010 UCF Teaching Incentive Program Award.

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Research and Publications

  • Beyond the Physical Servicescape: How Social, Symbolic, and Restorative Servicescapes Influence Consumer Behavior

    Environmental Psychology: New Developments presents original research results on the leading edge of environmental psychology. Each chapter has been carefully selected in an attempt to present substantial advances across a broad spectrum.

  • Delivering Quality Instruction to Mega-Classes: a Successful Solution to Dwindling Resources and Growing Student Bodies

    Atlantic Marketing Journal, 3(2), Article 5.

  • Explaining Student Interaction and Satisfaction: An Empirical Investigation of Delivery Mode Influences

    Marketing Education Review, 24(3), 229-239.

  • The Restorative Potential of Senior Centers

    Managing Service Quality, 24(4), 363-383

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