Seeking out his current internship over a year in advance, Jordan Bubar has been raising the bar since he’s become a Knight. Since 2017, Bubar has held many positions on campus to prepare himself for future leadership roles. Becoming a UCF College of Business Ambassador and joining the President’s Leadership Council, Bubar knew being active within the university would not only help him with his future, but set him apart from other students during the hiring process. Jordan is now a rising senior studying marketing and is also a member of the Professional Selling Program.

What is your role with Boeing?

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial airliners, defense, space, and security systems. In my role as a business operations intern, I work with the Line Side Control Center in the airliner facility to identify obstacles in the build process and prompt engineering action to maintain complex manufacturing schedules.

How did you find this internship? Have you gone to any networking events?

Boeing has been my dream company for many years. I researched the programs offered on their website more than a year in advance and finally had an opportunity to speak with the company at the Association of Latino Professionals for America Convention this past summer.

What steps did you take in preparing for this internship?

To prepare for this internship, I reached out to students who previously interned with the company and conducted several informational interviews with employees. In addition, I held a wide variety of leadership positions in the College of Business, LEAD Scholars Academy and President’s Leadership Council that have given me crucial skills that promoted my professional development.

What is one thing you’ve taken away from being an intern?

I’ve learned that your success is dependent upon your own initiative and ability to network strategically. To achieve your goals, you will have to go beyond your level of comfort and make a serious effort to reach out to the people who will promote your success within the company.

One piece of advice for other students looking for internships:

Advice for students is to start researching internship programs more than a year in advance. By the start of the fall semester, you should begin applying because top companies can conduct their recruitment almost an entire year prior to your start date. Also, identify companies that you feel passionate about and your ability to communicate that passion will highly increase your chances of selection into the program. While your specific intern position might not exactly be what you are interested in, experience is what you’re looking for, and the pride associated with working for a company you believe in will drive you towards great success.