Ashley Marshall is a College of Business alumnus who took the opportunity to expand her wealth of knowledge by studying abroad. Marshall graduated in Fall 2019, studying marketing with a minor in international business, and representing UCF as a Burnett Honors student.

During her coursework at UCF, Ashley has had the opportunity to make a global impact.

Where did you travel and what did you learn?

I went to the Gold Coast of Australia. I took classes on Sustainability in Business, like Green Marketing.

How did you learn about the study abroad program?

I’d always been interested in studying abroad, so one day I decided to call Global UCF and just make an appointment. I told myself that the appointment didn’t require any commitment; it was just to learn what all of my options were. As soon as I walked out of the building, I knew that it was something I wanted to pursue. The College of Business was really helpful in figuring out which courses I needed to take to satisfy my minor and assisting me with the application process.

How did you prepare for this study abroad experience?

Really the only thing that I had to do was find accommodation, and that’s difficult when you aren’t physically there. I had quite a few friends who lived with families, but I lived in university housing. Looking back, it was a little expensive, so I wish I would have done more research beforehand. The university that I attended actually has three semesters a year, and my semester didn’t start until February. So, I was technically on winter break for two full months. That was really nice because I was able to work and save up some extra money to travel around Australia with.

What was one thing that you’ve taken away from studying abroad?

Studying abroad taught me so much about independence. I went on my trip completely alone. I knew absolutely no one that I was living or going to school with. I knew no one on the continent! I navigated everything on my own, which was scary, but I have never felt so free in my life. I’m a strong believer that you really don’t know yourself until you dive into a situation like that.

Do you have any advice for students looking to study abroad?
If you’re thinking about studying abroad, just get some information on it. I thought to study abroad was extremely expensive and difficult to do, but I was so wrong. Take advantage of studying abroad because you may never get the chance again!
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