Paul Jarley UCF College of Business

Welcome to the University of Central Florida College of Business Administration, or as we call it, #UCFBusiness.

#UCFBusiness is leading the charge into the next generation of business and education. Our objective is clear…to help our students and faculty “Get to the ONE.”

For students we strive to be the place where they can achieve their academic objectives to be the ONE:

  • Who gets the job
  • Who starts a business
  • Who makes a contribution
  • Who mentors others
  • Who makes the sale

Students that graduate from #UCFBusiness will be great communicators and collaborators; risk takers; able to understand, source and make good decisions using real time data; and problem solvers. Our team – faculty, staff, friends, and alumni — is working hard to provide the right resources and environment to ensure that we deliver on four promises to our students.

  1. Challenging experiences
  2. Entrepreneurial Culture
  3. Thought Leadership
  4. Unique Place of Opportunity

Likewise, we strive to provide an environment and culture so our faculty members can be the ONE:

  • Who discovers a new method
  • Who becomes editor
  • Who publishes groundbreaking research
  • Who inspires students
  • Who is THE thought leader in their discipline

Faculty are the most important part of a college delivering on its promises of excellence and opportunity, and we host more than 140 from around the world. Many of our faculty are the thought leader within their discipline and bring groundbreaking thought and research to the classroom.

They say UCF Stands for Opportunity…and #UCFBusiness delivers on that every day.


Paul Jarley