Hours and Holidays

Hours of Operation

The Keon Testing Center is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M., and closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


The Keon Testing Center will close on all campus-observed holidays. Lab operational hours for home football games set during the week will follow the designated campus hours.


Locker Room


The locker room is located in Business Administration II, room 105, directly to the left of the Keon Testing Center entrance.


Units in the top three rows will cost $0.50 per use, while those found in the bottom row will cost $0.25 per use. Lockers do not accept bills or any form of e-payment, quarters only.


A change machine is present in the locker room, available for use by any student seeking to break bills for quarters. The machine accepts $1.00 and $5.00 bills only. If you need change for a larger bill, you will need to find a vendor or shop on campus that can break it for you, as the Keon Testing Center does not keep any form of currency on hand. There is an ATM located in the Student Union for those students who need cash.


While you are not required to store your personal belongings in the locker room, these items cannot enter the lab with you. You have the option of leaving them in your personal vehicle or with a friend, but Keon Testing Center staff cannot hold them for you. Do note that the lockers are one-time use and, once opened, you must pay again to secure the unit. To operate the locker, you will place your quarter(s) in the slot located on the inside of the door, shut the door completely, turn the key to the left, and pull the key out.


The Keon Testing Center does not operate or own the locker room. If a locker or the change machine takes your money, you may pursue a refund with the UCF Card Services office located in the John T. Washington Center, directly across from the bookstore.


Skateboards and non-motorized scooters will not fit inside the lockers. Please make arrangements for these items prior to your visit as they will not be permitted into the Keon Testing Center under any circumstances.


Check In Process


You must have a valid UCF Student ID to gain entry into the Keon Testing Center. Do note that if you receive a new ID, any old ID still in your possession will no longer be valid, as its swipe functionality has been removed. If your ID is damaged and will not swipe, it is likewise considered invalid.

Student NID and Password

Students must know their NID and password prior to their arrival. You will not be permitted to write down these credentials on paper or access them from your cell phone or any other electronic device. It is your responsibility to learn and know your NID.

Exam Verification

Upon entering the Keon Testing Center, reception staff will ask what exam you are present to take; please provide one or more of the following details when answering: Course prefix (i.e., ACG 2021, MAN 3025, so on), course title (i.e., Principles of Financial Accounting, Management of Organizations, so on), and/or the full name of your professor. If you cannot provide any of the aforementioned details, you will be asked to return when you are able to.

Materials Verification

Reception staff will verify materials during the check-in process. You will be required to turn over your calculator and any other exam-related materials for inspection.


Once you have checked in properly, you will enter the lab and be guided to your seat by our floor staff.


Testing Materials

Permitted Materials

Your professor will choose which materials they want to issue for their exam. You can visit https://coba.it.ucf.edu/exams/ to verify materials.

Scratch Paper

Scratch paper will be provided by the Keon Testing Center. You may ask for up to three sheets during the check-in process; otherwise, you will have only the single sheet issued to you by reception staff. Once you have checked in, you will not be able to receive any additional paper.

If you require more paper while testing, it will be provided to you by a member of our floor staff, but only after turning over the amount you are requesting—one used sheet for one clean sheet, two for two, three for three. You will not be permitted to copy information from a used sheet to a clean sheet for any reason; likewise, once you have relinquished a sheet, staff are not permitted to return it to you under any circumstances.


Windows Calculator: Some exams provide a basic windows calculator for use. This option is added by your professor. The icon to access this is located at the top of the browser after you start your exam.

Scientific Calculator: Typical calculators used include the TI-30Xa and TI-30x IIS. If you have any questions on whether your calculator will be permitted, please email the Keon Testing Center (testinglab@ucf.edu) with the make and model.

Financial Calculator: Typical calculators used include the HP 10bII and HP 10bII+. If you have any questions on whether your calculator will be permitted, please email the Keon Testing Center (testinglab@ucf.edu) with the make and model.

Programmable Calculator: Programmable calculators are not allowed in the Keon Testing Center. Programmable calculators include but are not limited to: TI-83, TI-84, TI-85, TI-86, TI-89, TI Nspire, TI-73. A general rule of thumb is if the calculator has a full alphabet (A to Z) on it, then it will not be permitted.

NOTE: Students may bring in and make use of two calculators while testing, so long as your exam permits the use of a calculator.


Handouts will be provided to us by your instructor and turned over to you upon checking in for your exam, as applicable. These items will be collected upon checkout.


Before, During, and After Testing

Logging In to Your Exam

Upon being seated, you will locate and launch the Respondus Lockdown Browser—the only icon present on the desktop—and log in to the Webcourses platform using your NID and password. If you are unable to log in, please raise your hand and inform a member of our floor staff immediately; you will not be able to look up or change your login credentials while in the lab.

Extra Scratch Paper

If you fill out your scratch paper while taking your exam, you may request more from a member of the floor staff. We will take your used sheet of paper and provide you with a clean sheet. Our staff are not permitted to return any used sheet of paper to you. If you feel you may need more than one sheet while taking your exam, you must ask for it prior to completing the check-in process.

Technical Issues

If you experience any technical issues while testing, raise your hand and notify a member of the staff immediately. If you should notice multiple hands raised before or after raising your own, it is likely a widespread issue affecting the lab. We ask that you wait patiently for lab management to diagnose and correct the issue. Faculty will be informed via email regarding any technical issue that could potentially have affected your exam.

Verifying Your Exam

Please verify your exam before clicking Begin Quiz. If you access your exam via the TO DO list, it is possible to open the wrong exam if you do not give yourself time to properly verify the information displayed.

Accessing Wrong Exam

If you open the incorrect exam—that is, an exam you did not check in to take—notify a member of the floor staff immediately. We will attempt to contact your professor to remedy the issue; however, if we are unable to reach them, you will be required to take the exam as-is or simply submit and follow up with your instructor at a later point in time. Do note that if you choose to follow up with your professor, there is no guarantee they will allow you to retake the exam.

Restroom Use

If you should experience a need to visit the restroom while testing, raise your hand and a member of our staff will then escort you to the restroom and back.

Cell Phones/Smart Watches/Other Electronic Devices

It is strongly suggested students do not enter the Keon Testing Center with electronic devices of any kind in their immediate possession or on their person. If you choose to bring these devices in with you, it MUST be powered off. If any member of our staff sees or hears your cell phone, smart watch, fitness tracker—any electronic device—you will be escorted out of the lab, your exam submitted as-is. We will notify your instructor via email regarding the incident. Do note students are not permitted to wear headphones while in the lab.


If you choose to wear any form of brimmed or billed headwear into the lab, it must be removed and placed on the floor once you have been seated or turned around backwards. Students are likewise required to keep their hoods lowered while testing; staff must be able to see your eyes and ears at all times, as is applicable.

Reviewing Your Exam

If you have any questions regarding your exam, you will need to speak with your professor after you have departed the lab. You may access only your exam while checked in; all other materials and communications are not open for review under any circumstances.


Check Out Process

Student ID

Once you have finished with your exam, you will collect your materials and return to reception. You will once again be asked to present your Student ID before you will be permitted to leave.

Collection of Materials

After scanning your ID, our staff will verify and collect any and all materials that were issued to you upon check-in.


Finals Week

Exam Closing Times (Fall and Spring Semesters Only)

DO NOTE THAT EXAM CLOSURE TIMES DO NOT FOLLOW STANDARD OPERATIONAL HOURS DURING FINALS WEEK. Depending on the size of your class, your final exam may close at 2:00 P.M., 5:00 P.M., 8:00 P.M., or 11:59 P.M. on a given day. It is very important that you verify when your exam will close during finals week. You are welcome to visit http://coba.it.ucf.edu/exams/ to do exactly that. Note as well that you must be finished with your exam by the time it closes, not just checked in for it. Waiting until the last minute to take your exam may cost you the full time allotted to you; it is for this reason we strongly recommend students come as early as possible.

Multiple Exams

You may take multiple exams in the lab, but you are required to check in and out for each one. Put plainly, once you have finished your first exam, you will return to reception, check out, and proceed directly to check-in to take your second exam.


Due to the sheer volume of students present during finals week, it can be far noisier than usual. If you are worried about noise distractions, you may wear foam ear plugs () while in the lab. The use of foam ear plugs is not limited to finals week, however; you may use them any time during the semester. Do note that while foam ear plugs are permitted, AirPods and headphones of any make and kind are not.

Hours of Operation (Fall and Spring Semesters Only)

During finals week, the Keon Testing Center will be open 7:00 A.M. to 11:59 P.M., including any Saturday that falls within that week timeframe.


*If you have a question not covered here, please email it to us at testinglab@ucf.edu.