Steven Whiting, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management

Steven Whiting, Ph.D.


Selected Publications:

Whiting, S. W., & Maynes, T.D. (in press). Selecting team players: Considering the impact of contextual performance and workplace deviance on selection decisions in the NFL draft. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Podsakoff, N.P., Whiting, S. W., Mai, K., & Welsh, D. (2013). Surveying for artifacts: The Susceptibility of the OCB–Performance evaluation relationship to common rater, item, and measurement context effects. Journal of Applied Psychology, 98 (5), 863-874.

Whiting, S. W., Maynes, T. D., Podsakoff, N. P., & Podsakoff, P. M. (2012). Effects of voice context, source, and message characteristics on perceptions of employee voice behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97 (1), 159-182.

Podsakoff, N. P., Whiting, S. W., Podsakoff, P. M., & Blume, B. D. (2009) Individual- and organizational-level consequences of organizational citizenship behaviors: A meta-analysis, Journal of Applied Psychology, 94 (1), 122-141.

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