Marketing Bachelors of Science in Business Administration

Marketing is vital to all organizations and individuals, from global corporations to small businesses, from CEOs to proprietors of small retail stores, from global manufacturing operations to a new “high tech” start-up. Nearly one-third of the civilian work force in the United States is employed in jobs related to marketing. Marketing offers a variety of interesting and challenging career opportunities, such as marketing / product management, professional selling, retailing, advertising, e-business, marketing research, sport marketing, procurement, distribution and logistics, and public relations.


Business Core Courses

Required (33 Credits)

GEB 3031 Cornerstone Lecture
GEB 3031L Cornerstone Lab
GEB 3003 Career Research and Planning
GEB 3005 Career Search Strategies
MAR 3023 Marketing
GEB 3375 Intro to International Business
BUL 3130 Legal and Ethical Environments of Business
ECO 3411 Quantitative Business Tools II
FIN 3403C Business Finance
MAN 3025 Management of Organizations
MAR 3203 Supply Chain Management
GEB 4223 Business Interviewing Techniques
GEB 4004 Executing Your Career Plan


Graduating Semester:
MAN 4720 Strategic Management / Capstone

General Marketing Track

Required (15 Credits)

MAR 3391 Professional Selling
MAR 3503 Consumer Behavior
MAR 3613 Marketing Analysis & Research
MAR 4803 Marketing Management
MAR 4804 Marketing Strategy


Required Electives (9 credits)

MAR 3323 Integrated Marketing Communication
MAR 3403 Sales Force Management
MAR 3721 Digital Media Marketing
MAR 3765 Entrepreneurial Marketing
MAR 4156 International Marketing
MAR 4231 Retailing Management
MAR 4711 Sport Marketing
MAR 4712 Healthcare Marketing
MAR 4715 Entertainment Marketing
MAR 4841 Services Marketing
MAR 4934 Contemp. Marketing Topics in FL
MAR 4941 Internship

Professional Selling Track

Required (15 Credits)

MAR 3403 Sales Force Management
MAR 4415 Advanced Professional Selling (Fall Semester Only)
MAR 4413c Strategic Issues in Sales (Spring Semester Only)


To qualify for the Professional Selling Track, students must be declared marketing majors. Additionally, students must have completed MAR 3391 with a B-minus or better. Submit 2 copies of your application packet to Mrs. Cynthia Gundy or Ms. Erin Jackson. All qualified applicants are required to complete an in-person interview with the selection committee. Interviews are formal and will be scheduled by the committee.

Interested corporations looking to become a partner in our Professional Selling Corporate Partnership Program may apply online.


For marketing majors who want to put their best foot forward in the job market, the Department of Marketing offers Certificates of Achievement in seven areas of career interest.

To earn a certificate, structure your elective courses as follows:

Selling and Sales Management

  • Expose student to multifaceted nature of contemporary salesperson and sales manager positions
  • Enhance analytical / creative / decision-making skills as related to situations faced in the sales field
  • Improve decision-making / management skills and understanding of leadership in the sales field
  • Corresponding Elective: MAR 3403 – Sales Force Management

Retailing Management

  • Introduce student to practical applications of retailing policies, methods, and procedures
  • Relate current retail strategies to basic concepts of retailing management
  • Help student gain a better understanding of real-world business situations
  • Corresponding Elective: MAR 4231 – Retailing Management


  • Expose student to the 4 P’s and 4 C’s of e-marketing as related to formulation of applications
  • Enhance skills necessary to develop viable marketing strategies and execute the applications / strategies
  • Corresponding Elective: MAR 3721 – Technology Applications in Marketing

Sport Marketing Management

  • Expose student to practical applications of segmentation, targeting and positioning with the sport marketing field
  • Demonstrate the use of research in creating a sport marketing strategic plan
  • Enhance student’s problem-solving and decision-making capabilities with respect to the marketing of sport events and related activities
  • Corresponding Elective: MAR 4711 – Sport Marketing

Healthcare Marketing

  • Expose student to the many methodologies utilized by healthcare organizations in positioning themselves and in distributing services or products
  • Improve decision-making skills in developing a marketing plan, setting objectives and evaluating results
  • Enhance studentÕs ability to identify, analyze and develop strategies to overcome the crucial issues faced by healthcare providers
  • Corresponding Elective: MAR 4712 – Healthcare Marketing


Internships are academic courses that allow students to apply classroom theory in a practical work setting and gain personal, academic and work competencies.

  • One semester
  • Major-related
  • Off-campus
  • Usually for credit
  • Paid or unpaid
  • Structured for learning

The Department of Marketing in the College of Business Administration offers an exciting and comprehensive internship program for marketing majors. Students have the opportunity to earn course credit while learning how to apply classroom concepts and theories in the workplace. In addition, local employers are able to find high-quality, hard-working student interns.

The goal of the Marketing Internship Program is to create a mutually beneficial internship experience that fosters a synergy among the intern, the employer, and the internship office.

Students interested in applying for internships must:

  • Be a junior or senior in standing
  • Be a marketing major
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.75
  • Have a minimum Marketing GPA of 2.75
  • Have satisfactorily completed MAR 3023

The Internship Application Process

  1. Application paperwork: download and complete the internship application paperwork (Registration Form, Application Form, Internship Agreement) for the semester in which you plan to do an internship.
  2. Unofficial degree audit: the unofficial degree audit can be obtained from your myUCF account, under Student Self-Service>Degree Audit (printer-friendly version).
  3. Resume: create a one-page resume. *Resume Writing Workshops and/or individual meetings are available and sponsored by Career Services located in CSEL, Bldg #140, M-F, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
  4. Once you have the items above, choose of one of these three options: Email the paperwork to Fax it to (407) 823-3891. Bring it in to the Marketing Internships Office in BA 2, Room 307J. It is ok to slide paperwork under the door if the office is closed.

Undergraduate Student Application Forms

**A current resume and a copy of your unofficial degree audit are also required to apply.

  1. Verbiage- Includes requirements and expectations for the student intern. By submitting a completed application, it is presumed that the intern has read and understands this document.
  2. Internship Agreement- This contract outlines expectations of the student intern and potential consequences of poor performance.
  3. Internship Application | Registration Form (must also be submitted with application). These forms are needed to register for MAR 4941 on myUCF.

Student Applicants: Interview and Registration

The Interview Process

Note: An approved application is required to partake in the interview process.

  1. The Marketing Internship Office will send the resume you provided in your application to our list of approved internship sponsors.
  2. Approved internship sponsors will contact you to schedule interviews based on their interest and needs.
  3. Return all phone calls.
  4. Attend and dress professionally for all scheduled interviews.
  5. If you must cancel an interview, give the employer as much advanced warning as possible – preferably 24-48 hours before the scheduled interview is to take place.
  6. Contact the Marketing Internship Coordinator to confirm that you have accepted an internship. Once an internship position is accepted, you must intern exclusively with the offering employer, even if other internship opportunities arise.
  7. You may now move on to the registration process.

The Registration Process

Note: An approved application and an approved internship are required to partake in the registration process.

  1. To start the registration process, official confirmation is required from both you and the hiring company. Please send our office an e-mail confirmation.
  2. Please email the Marketing Internship Coordinator to schedule an appointment to complete registration paperwork after the official confirmations have been sent.
  3. All registration paperwork will be completed during your scheduled meeting with the Marketing Internship Coordinator.
  4. Completed registration paperwork is then submitted for approval by the Department of Marketing.
  5. Upon approval, you will be sent a registration code by e-mail. You may use this code to register through myUCF.
  6. Once registered, you will be required to attend the online orientation for that semester (online through Webcourses) Note: Students who are still in the process of securing their internship for credit are also required to attend this mandatory orientation if they wish to receive academic credit for their internship. Contact the internship coordinator with specific questions.

Internships which work with all majors are available to all students at the University of Central Florida for elective credit through the Office of Experiential Learning.

What can I do with this major?

General Information and Strategies

  • Many Marketing majors seek positions in advertising, public relations, sports management and entertainment. Such positions are often difficult to obtain and require breaking in at the bottom level. Seek internships or other relevant experiences in these fields, even if unpaid
  • Gain as much relevant experience as possible through internships or summer and part-time jobs
  • Most entry-level positions for marketing majors reside in sales. After gaining more experience, professionals can move into marketing management positions
  • Engage in personal networking to increase job possibilities
  • Join the American Marketing Association student chapter and seek leadership roles
  • Marketing is good preparation for graduate study in business. An MBA can open greater opportunities, particularly in areas of brand management and market research

Sales and Promotion

Area Employer Information
• Industrial Sales
• Wholesale Sales
• Direct Marketing
• Consumer Product Sales
• Financial Services Sales
• Service Sales
• Advertising Sales
• E-Commerce
• Sales Management
• Promotion
• Customer Service
• For-profit and nonprofit organizations
• Product and service organizations
• Manufacturers
• Financial companies
• Insurance companies
• Print and electronic media outlets
• Software and technology companies
• Internet companies
• Consulting firms
• Obtain experience through internships
• Seek leadership in campus organizations
• Work for the campus newspaper, directory or radio station selling advertisements
• Develop a strong commitment to customer satisfaction
• To deliver effective costumer service, develop problem solving skills, self-confidence, assertiveness and empathy
• Learn to work well under pressure and be comfortable in a competitive environment
• Be prepared to work independently and be self-motivated
• Plan to work irregular and/or long hours
• Learn to communicate effectively with a wide range of people
• Some areas of sales require at least one to two years of proven record in outside sales


Area Employer Information
• Buying/Merchandising
• Store Management
• Sales Management
• Special Merchandisers; single-line stores, limited-line stores, specialty stores
• General Merchandisers; department stores, variety stores
• Mass Merchandisers; discount stores, grocery stores, superstores, warehouse stores
• Obtain retail experience
• Present pleasant image to customer
• Develop leadership and customer service skills
• Demonstrate ability to work well under stressful conditions and as part of a team
• Gain knowledge of the merchandise flow, an overview of signing, pricing and presentation, and the ability to plan, organize and lead
• Be prepared to start as management trainee before advancing to other positions
• Plan to work long and irregular hours, particularly during the holiday season

Brand/Product Management

Area Employer Information
• Consumer products
• Corporations
• Some service providers
• Some industrial goods
• Plan on pursing an MBA for most brand or product management positions
• Demonstrate the following characteristics; entrepreneurship, results orientation and creativity
• Develop strong interpersonal, communication and analytical skills
• Obtain a broad background in advertising, research, consumer behavior and strategy

Market Research

Area Employer Information
• Data Collection
• Field Service
• Data Analysis
• Management
• Large Corporations
• Marketing research firms
• Public institutions concerning health, education and transportation
• Management consulting firms
• Advertising agencies
• Manufacturers
• Retailers
• Trade and industry associations
• Government agencies
• Nonprofit organizations
• Develop good interpersonal skills and effective communication skills, both written and verbal
• Strong analytical and problem solving skills are critical
• Build a solid background in statistics, mathematics and behavioral science
• Learn how to use databases and other marketing relevant software programs
• Get involved with a professor’s research project or pursue an independent study to learn about the research process
• Gain experience with data entry or interviewing through part time jobs and internships
• Plan on obtaining an advanced degree in business or statistics to qualify for more positions


Area Employer Information
• Purchasing
• Buying
• Management
• Local, state and federal government
• Large corporations
• Educational institutions
• Hospitals
• Obtain excellent written and oral communication skills
• Develop strong computer and technology skills
• Supplement curriculum with courses in logistics and purchasing
• For federal government positions, become familiar with the federal application process
• Maintain high GPA


Area Employer Information
• Commercial Banking
• Retail/Consumer Banking
• Credit Analysis
• Lending
• Trust Services
• Mortgage Loans
• Branch Management
• Operation
• Commercial banks
• Credit unions
• Savings and loan associations
• Savings banks
• Financial services institutions
• Develop good analytical skills and sales ability
• Supplement curriculum with additional courses in finance and accounting
• Obtain part-time employment or internship in a bank
• Develop strong interpersonal and communication skills in order to work well with a diverse clientele


Area Employer Information
• Claims
• Underwriting
• Risk Management
• Sales
• Loss Control
• Insurance firms
• Banks
• Complete an internship with an insurance agency
• Talk to professionals in the industry to learn more about claims, underwriting and risk management. Many entry level positions exist in these areas
• Initiative and sales ability are necessary to be a successful agent or broker
• Develop strong communications skills as many positions require interaction with others and the ability to explain information clearly and concisely

Real Estate

Area Employer Information
• Residential Brokerage
• Commercial Sales
• Appraisals
• Property Management
• Real estate brokers
• Banks
• Appraisal firms
• Apartment and condominium complexes
• Developers
• Large corporation: real estate departments
• Obtain sales experience through part-time, summer or internships positions
• Research the process of becoming a real estate broker through the National Association of Realtors
• Develop an entrepreneurial spirit
• Research apprenticeships in appraisal

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