MS in Sport Business Management

Application Deadline: February 15, 2015

Program Overview

The DeVos Sport Business Management Program (hereafter referred to as the “DeVos Program”)  is full-time and consists of a cohort group of approximately 30 to 40 students who complete the program in five consecutive semesters. Courses will start either at 8:30 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. and last three hours each Monday through Thursday. An esteemed speaker series takes place every Friday beginning at 8:30 a.m. for students to learn about the industry while having the opportunity to network with industry professionals.

There is a three credit hour internship that students must participate in upon completion of all coursework to obtain the MS in Sport Business Management. Students must complete 42 hours of community service per semester with the exception of the summer and internship semester. Assistance in obtaining internships and community service will be provided by the program. Students are also expected to attend conferences and events; in addition, they are expected to coordinate events while in the program.

We admit students based on their total package of academic success, professional and community service experience, commitment to teamwork, and other factors that show the admissions committee if the applicant is a good fit for the DeVos Program.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. However, admission will only be granted in the fall for this specialized program.


The mission of the DeVos Program is to develop business leaders who will uplift society through the power of sport.


To become the top sport management program in the world by developing business leaders devoted to social progress, supporting alumni and partner relations, and celebrating differentiating values of diversity, selflessness, and social justice.


The core values of the DeVos Program education are:

  • Ethics
  • Diversity
  • Leadership
  • Community

Dual-Degree: MBA & MSBM

The DeVos Program in the University of Central Florida’s College of Business Administration is the first of its kind in the area of sport management graduate studies. The program was launched in the fall of 2002. It is the vision of Rich & Helen DeVos, owners of RDV Sports and the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association. The endowment for the program is a $2.5 million gift by Mr. & Mrs. DeVos, which has been matched by the State of Florida. The endowment, in addition to the donated scholarships, has allowed the program to have either scholarships or graduate assistant positions for all students.

Master’s in Business Administration, MS in Sport Business Management

The program  is an integrative “living classroom” with a rigorous and comprehensive academic schedule that keeps teams of students together throughout their two-year coursework. This is an 18-month, 48 credit hour dual-degree program where students earn both an MBA and MS in Sport Business Management. The program incorporates management, marketing, finance, economics, accounting, sport business and other unique classes that emphasize the social impact of sport. Students are given interactive projects and programs that allow them to work alongside world-class sport business leaders, while building a network of contacts that help create rewarding post-graduation opportunities. Additionally, graduates will discover the role of sport in society, how the power of sport can help create a more inclusive society, and the responsibility of using sport as a power to make a difference.

Curriculum & Course Requirements

The curriculum has a strong business focus along with required traditional sport management courses as well as courses focusing on ethical standards, diversity, sport and social issues and leadership in sport. Students must have a 3.0 to graduate and no more than two C’s. SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Typical Two-Year Course Schedule

These typical schedules are for full-time students. All students will start the program together in the fall. For more detailed information on the curriculum, see the College of Graduate Studies page.

First Fall:
  • ACG 6425, Managerial Accounting Analysis, 3.0
  • ECO 6115, Economic Analysis of the Firm, 3.0
  • ECO 6416, Applied Business Research Tools, 3.0
  • MAR 6466, Strategic Supply Chain Management, 3.0
  • SPB 6725, Leadership in Sport, 1.5
First Spring:
  • FIN 6406, Strategic Financial Management, 3.0
  • MAN 6245, Organizational Behavior and Development, 3.0
  • MAR 6816, Strategic Marketing Management, 3.0
  • SPB 6506, Moral and Ethical Issues in Sport, 1.5
  • SPB 6606, Diversity and Social Issues in Sport, 1.5
  • MAN 6721, Applied Strategic Business Policy, 3.0
  • SPB 6706, Sport Analytics, 3.0
  • SPB 6608, the Sport Industries in the U.S.: Challenges and Opportunities, 1.5
  • SPB 6715C, Professional Selling in Sport, 1.5
  • SPM 6108, Facilities & Event Management in Sport Business, 1.5
Second Fall:
  • SPB 6406, Sport Law, 3.0
  • SPB 6716C, Strategic Sport Marketing, 3.0
  • SPB 6735, The Global Environment of Sport, 3.0
  • SPB 6806, Business of Sport Media, 3.0
Second Spring:
  • SPB 6946, Sport Internship, 3.0

For more detailed information, see the College of Graduate Studies page.

Admission & Application Information


  • Domestic Applicants, International Applicants, International Transfer Applicants
    • Fall – February 15, 2015

Requirements for Admission to the Program

  • GPA: 3.0
  • Three letters of recommendation from both your academic and professional experience, signed, sealed and on letterhead
  • Official transcript of your undergraduate degree from an accredited university, signed and sealed
  • A current resume
  • Some professional experience preferred
  • Essay for the DeVos Program. In the essay, you are required to cover the following:
    • Why are you applying for the DeVos Program? Have you applied to other sport business management programs?
    • What is there about your work experiences and academic preparation that makes you confident that you will succeed in the world of sports business?
    • Identify, based on what you have read or observed, one or two of the most critical challenges facing sport business leaders this decade.
    • Describe one or two life experiences – related to social issues, diversity, ethics, etc. – that influence your expectations about the DeVos Program.
    • Explain the impact that community service activities have made on you and others.
    • What are your five- and ten-year career objectives and how will this assist you in reaching your objectives?
  • All finalists will be required to have an interview
  • Competitive GMAT score