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Part of the DeVos program’s holistic approach to developing the next generation of leaders in sport business is community service. In 2009, the DeVos Program was named the nation’s number one MBA program for service and leadership by the Graduate Management Admissions Council. Working in teams, students spend 21 hours their first semester, 21 hours their second semester and 10 hours over the summer on a designated program, which allows them to experience the positive impact of volunteering and its benefits to the individuals, organizations and community at large. First-year students will volunteer at organizations including but not limited to:

  • YMCA Teen Achievers Program & Scholar Baller
  • Orlando Magic Recreation Squad – After School Program
  • New Hope for Kids
  • Frontline Outreach
  • Orlando City Youth Soccer



Community Rainbow Run

  • Serves as a remembrance as June 12, 2016 attack. 49 victims
  • Work directly with ONE Pulse foundation to coordinate the 4.9k race
  • Students have the opportunity to gain experience in /partnerships/sponsorships, marketing,
    logistics, event management, and more
  • First year attendance about 800 participaties. 2018 we had about 4,000 participants
  • Net revenue first year $25,000. 2018 net revenue over $200,000




Second-year students will volunteer one weekend at a camp for kids who are terminally ill, dealing with a life altering disease, or are a part of marginalized communities. The purpose of the camp is to allow these families to come together and focus on enjoying life without worry. DeVos students have consistently earned accolades from the camps as volunteers. Camps include:

  • Camp Boggy Creek
  • Deliver the Dream



Hope for Stanley

The Hope for Stanley Alliance provides one of the most notable community service opportunities for students in the DeVos Program. The Hope for Stanley Alliance was founded by Dr. Lapchick, and a group of DeVos students in 2007. Its mission is to create opportunities for people in sports across the United States to help rebuild and revive areas affected by natural disaster. More specifically, Hope for Stanley focuses on rebuilding the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Each year, students have the opportunity to make up to four trips to New Orleans during the summer, winter and spring.




Fundraising is a central part of the DeVos Sport Business Management program and allows students the opportunity to work with several of our partner organizations. Each year, students select a city they would like to visit as part of a networking trip taken in their last fall semester of the program. Students raise money for this trip throughout the year by working with a variety of local community partners.