Taylor Ellis, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives

Taylor Ellis, Ph.D.


Dr. Taylor Ellis is the Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Technology in the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida. He completed an M.S. and M.B.A. from the University of Utah and his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. Dr. Ellis has taught at various institutions across the country and became a faculty member in the University of Central Florida, College of Business Administration, in August 1990 and Associate Dean in 1999. He has a strong background in service delivery systems with 14 plus years of experience in management and consulting work. He has held several management positions in the resort industry such as the Assistant Sports Director for the Sun Valley, Idaho ski resort; as manager of the Wolf Creek Country Club; and as a consultant for Economics Research Associates, where he participated in the development of feasibility studies, and the design and development of high-end resorts throughout the world.

Dr. Ellis is an experienced researcher and presenter on the subject of customer service, assessment, data management, and decision making. He has published numerous books on a variety of topics including the use of economic models for pricing decisions, service recovery and satisfaction. Dr. Ellis has a long history at UCF as a faculty member, researcher, department chair, Provost Intern, Special Assistant to the Provost and Associate Dean. Dr. Ellis manages facilities, class scheduling, accreditation compliance monitoring, assessment, data collections systems, and technology support for 8000 plus students, and over 400 faculty and staff. Dr. Ellis is the former chair of the University Assessment Committee, and a former member of the Data Mining Advisory Board, the University Data Access Committee, and the Strategic Planning Committee. He is currently actively involved in the development of data access programs and a data warehousing project.

Dr. Ellis has a strong background in database design and development. Under his leadership the College has implemented such innovations as the Keon Testing Center, COBA Pass, and the automation of numerous internal process within the College. Currently, Dr. Ellis is involved several technology-related projects such as the creation of public touch screens for use in enabling students to gain access to campus information, area directions and student activities, and in the creation of dashboards that can be used for information regarding critical College functions and engagement.

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