Mark Soskin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Economics

Mark Soskin, Ph.D.


Mark Soskin is an Associate Professor of Economics specializing in applied microeconomics. His published research includes papers on Florida theme park pricing, public subsidies of sports arenas, rooftop residential solar energy, aluminum recycling behavior, foreign direct investment, and housing appreciation. He holds an economics PhD from Penn State and bachelors from UCLA. He has served as Florida Chapter president of the American Statistical Association, Director of the the Florida-Canada Linkage Institute, and on advisory boards of business and environmental organizations. Soskin’s consulting and grants included work on water district consumptive use contracts, Florida’s space industry, DeLand’s parachute industry, Daytona’s spring break, bike week, and NASCAR racing impact, the New Smyrna Beach utility commission, day-tripper tourism and beach driving in Volusia County, impact fees on home construction, and Canadian tourism. He chaired several college and university committees and is active in community and media outreach.

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