Chris Stein is a PhD candidate (A.B.D.) in the Management Department and a Visiting Instructor in the Department of Integrated Business at the University of Central Florida.

Chris focuses his research on the intersection of ethics and philosophy in business and entrepreneurship. He has degrees in Management, Marketing and Philosophy. He has been teaching
at universities since 2011 and has taught courses in philosophy, business ethics, corporate strategy, and currently teaches business climate analysis in the integrated business program. His research has been published internationally in journals such as Human Resource Management Review, and has written invited chapters on business ethics and educational pedagogy. He has been recognized as an outstanding reviewer by the Organizational Behavior division at the Academy of Management and regularly presents his research at the annual conference. Chris does consulting work for non-profit organizations in Central Florida primarily assisting firms with human resources, culture, and fairness.

Prior to his career in academia, Chris was a professional guitarist and singer. He later opened a recording studio as a producer whose work has been heard in many commercials, movies, television, and has since generated millions of plays on streaming outlets such as Pandora and Spotify. An avid musician and audiophine, Chris designs and builds recording equipment and still writes and records music at his private studio in Oviedo. He is an animal lover and lives with his rescue dog Amara. Chris enjoys volunteering at Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee. Chris’ students describe him as someone who genuinely cares about his students’ success and he is always willing to dedicate his time to help students learn, grow, and chase their passions.

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