Continuous development of talent is vital to the overall success of your organization. Our programs are designed to promote professional development and prepare your team for tomorrow’s challenges.

We will teach your team to think differently, exchange ideas and apply new techniques. Our collaborative learning environment inspires participants to put new ideas into action to face today’s toughest business challenges.

Participants can make a lasting impact on their organizations and careers by immediately applying the newly acquired knowledge to their business. With programs led by nationally-recognized faculty and prominent leading practitioners who combine theory with real world examples, we help our clients create a competitive advantage sustainable in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Upcoming Workshop:

Management Development Program

led by Dr. Christopher Leo – November 14, 2018


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Executive Education Workshops

Our open-enrollment workshops are tailored to mid-to-upper level managers who want to sharpen their skills in a particular business area, learn effective tools and applicable solutions to various business challenges and engage in productive discussions with business professionals from a variety of companies and industries.

Management Development Program

Management Development Program led by Dr. Christopher Leo equips you with the strategies, skills, and hands-on techniques to lead your team effectively to achieve desired goals. Learn More ›

Business Development & Sales Strategy

Led by Ms. Cyndi Gundy, this workshop provides participants with real world, tactical approaches for selling more of their products and services to new and existing clients in the consultative manner that today’s clients expect. Learn More ›

Strategic Planning

Developed and led by Dr. Robert Porter, this workshop draws together the most important factors needed to analyze, formulate and effectively lead the implementation of business strategy. Learn More ›

Customer Experience & Innovation

Improve your service intelligence quotient, apply the “doing better than that” model of service innovation, assess service and lead and model service as an individual and company. Learn More ›

Change Management

Increase your understanding of organizational change and acquire skills and tools needed to successfully manage and lead change in your organization in our interactive workshop developed by Dr. Steven Whiting. Learn More ›

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Led by Chris Sawchuk of The Hackett Group, this workshop will teach you how to improve execution, operational effectiveness and collaborative relationships with suppliers. Learn More ›

Process Improvement

The Process Improvement Workshop led by Patrick Miller, MBA is designed to teach individuals industry standard tools and technique necessary to implement improvements in their work environment. Learn More ›

Employee Relations & Conflict Resolution

Developed by Keri Kozlowski, J.D., this workshop highlights everyday workplace interpersonal scenarios and provides practical advice for addressing conflict. Learn More ›

Digital Marketing Strategies

Developed and led by Dr. Carolyn Massiah, this brand new one-day workshop will introduce you to a variety of digital marketing topics and media platforms. Learn More ›

Effective Leadership

Developed and led by Dr. Robert Porter, this one-day workshop brings together current research and hands-on experience to successfully prepare you to take on these business challenges. Learn More ›

Foundations of Project Management

Our first virtual workshop will teach you about the five major phases of Project Management, the ten Knowledge Management Areas, and various Project Management best practices. Learn More ›

Effective Negotiation

This highly interactive two-day workshop will deepen your knowledge of effective negotiation strategies and sharpen your practical skills. Learn More ›

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Led by Dr. Darryl Allen and Prof. Paul Gregg, this workshop empowers you with a framework of essential finance and accounting terminology, concepts, and applications. Learn More ›