DeVos To Data Analytics

Andre Therrian
Name: Andre Therrian

Current Position: VP, Business Analytics

Organization: Florida Panthers



Brandon Moyer
Name :Brandon Moyer

Current Position: Database Marketing & Analytics Coordinator

Organization: The Aspire Group Inc at Colorado State University



Christopher Kamke
Name: Christopher Kamke

Current Position: Senior Director of Business Strategy and Analytics

Organization: Tampa Bay Lightning



Cory Bernstine
Name: Cory Bernstine

Current Position: Senior Manager, Strategy & Analytics

Organization: Minor League Baseball



Elizabeth Boser
Name: Elizabeth Boser

Current Position: Analytics & Revenue Strategy Supervisor

Organization: Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx



Michael Peterson
Name: Michael Peterson

Current Position: Statistical Analyst

Organization: Tampa Bay Lightning



Ryan Sleeper
Name: Ryan Sleeper

Current Position: Director, Data Visualization & Analysis

Organization: Evolytics



Steve Hampton
Name: Steve Hompton

Current Position: Digital Analytics Manager

Organization: Visit Orlando



Jonathan Pelts
Name: Jonathan Pelts

Current Position: Assistant Manager of Creative, Analytics and Research

Organization: Feld Entertainment



Jeff Gosey
Name: Jeff Gosey

Current Position: Senior Director of Business Analytics

Organization: New Orleans Pelicans/Saints



Timothy Ahn
Name: Timothy Ahn

Current Position: Business System Analyst

Organization: Booz Allen Hamilton



Michael Rust
Name: Michael Rust

Current Position: Database Marketing & Analytics Manager

Organization: Miami University at The Aspire Group Inc


Juan Dominguez
Name: Juan Dominguez

Current Position: Financial Analyst

Organization: Tampa Bay Rays



John Breedlove
Name: John Breedlove

Current Position: Manager, Insights & Strategy

Organization: Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Jessica Louviere
Name: Jessica Louviere (Hanson)

Current Position: Staff Accountant

Organization: AMB Group, LLC



Ray Mathew
Name: Ray Mathew

Current Position: Sports CRM Analyst

Organization: Fan Interactive Marketing



Jason Robinson
Name: Jason Robinson

Current Position: Staff Accountant

Organization: STATS LLC



Jon-Thomas Louviere
Name: Jon-Thomas (JT) Louviere

Current Position: Director of Business Strategy

Organization: National Predators



Erin Davison


Name: Erin Davison

Current Position: Research Manager Intel Team

Organization: TurnKey Sport and Entertainment