• 2015 ESPN Executive-In-Residence

    As part of the DeVos Program’s exclusive partnership with ESPN, we are pleased to welcome our Executive-In-Residence Justin Connolly, who currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Affiliate Sales and Marketing for Disney & Espn Media Networks.

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    Justin Connolly

    Executive VP of Affiliate Sales & Marketing
    Disney and ESPN Media Networks

  • Alumni Panel

    The DeVos Sport Business Management Program hosted an alumni panel for the current DeVos cohort. A number of alumni participated to share memories, give advice, and provide feedback to the current cohort.

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  • DeVos To Data Analytics

  • Doctors of DeVos Sport Business Management Program

  • Q&A with DeVos Alum: Kathryn Chappetto

    Kathryn Chappetto is currently the Senior Director of Partnership Strategy with the Women's Tennis Association (WTA). Her career has been extremely successful so far; she has built an expert skill set in a variety of areas, and continues to embrace being a community leader.

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    Kathryn Chappetto

    Senior Director of Partnership Strategy
    Women's Tennis Association (WTA)

  • Q&A with DeVos Alum Brian Wright

    Brian Wright

    Assistant GM San Antonio Spurs

  • Q&A with DeVos Alum Jessie Gardner

  • Q&A with DeVos Alum Kara Adams

    Kara Adams helped start the Sport Management program at Howard University before attending the DeVos Sport Business Management Program at UCF. Now she's the Manager of Guest Experience with the Washington Nationals where she supervises 450 part-time/seasonal staff.

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    Kara Adams
    Guest Experience Manager,
    Washington Nationals
  • Q&A with DeVos Alum: Greg Austin

    Greg Austin was an exceptional member of the 2009 DeVos graduating class and recently joined UCF Football as the Offensive Line Coach. Previously, he spent three years with the Philidelphia Eagles as their Assistant Offensive Line Coach. He took some time to reflect on his experience with the DeVos program.

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    Greg Austin

    UCF Football Offensive Line Coach

  • Q&A with DeVos Alum: Marcus Sedberry

    Marcus is the Director of Player Engagement with the NFL Philadelphia Eagles. He has had an extremely successful career working in the collegiate and professional sports industry by making his mark in athlete development.

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    Marcus Sedberry

    Director of Player Engagement
    Philadelphia Eagles

  • Q&A with DeVos Alum: Nathalie Reshard

    Nathalie is a Jr NBA International coach in India. Her experience as a top player and commitment to basketball has driven her success as a coach. Nathalie conducts various camps and events and continues to make a substantial impact on the youth of India.

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    Nathalie Reshard

    Jr NBA International Coach

  • Q&A with DeVos Alum: Ryan Sleeper

    Ryan Sleeper is currently the Director of Data Visualization at Evolytics, a full service digital analytics consultancy in Kansas City. Ryan has had numerous awards for his work, and his work has been featured in ESPN, U.S. News and World Report, The Guardian, and more. Ryan was generous enough to give us some information about his role, and some advice about breaking into the industry.

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    Ryan Sleeper

    Evolytics Director of Data Visualization

  • Q&A with DeVos Alum: Taunita Stephenson

    Taunita Stephenson shares some of her most memorable DeVos experiences as well as her transition from the NFL office into collegiate athletics.

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    Taunita Stephenson

    Assistant Commissioner of Championships
    and External Affairs, Southern Intercollegiate
    Athletic Conference (SIAC)

  • Spring Break Recap

    The DeVos Sport Business Management program is special because of the people who call the program home. Our students have many opportunities to take advantage of, and spring break proved to be no different for the 2017 cohort. Some of our students detailed their spring break experiences about work, play, and everything in between.

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