Dr. C. Keith Harrison, Founder (est. 1998) and Principal Investigator of the Paul Robeson Research Center for the Innovative Academic & Athletic Prowess is actively recruiting with two positions for the 2021-22 academic calendar year at UCF’s College of Business:

*Doctoral student interested in studying sport, entertainment (e.g. hip-hop culture) and business history through the disciplines of marketing, management, finance or accounting with a passion for research and publishing will be able to add the most value with this opportunity.
Note: Funding for doctoral program is contingent on the applicant’s competitive excellence with other applicants.

*The DeVos MBA/MSBM is a dual graduate degree program where graduate students participate in a practical and real-world experience through academics and hands on industry projects. A Graduate Assistant (GA) is expected to work up to 20 hours a week and bring passion and humility while helping with the execution of research, academic course logistics in the curriculum, administrative tasks, and other creative activities related to the mission of the Robeson Research Center.
Note: Funding for the DeVos graduate program is contingent on the applicant’s competitive excellence with other applicants.

*Skill-sets required for both positions are focused on non-cognitive factors as well as traditional cognitive and intellectual aspects. These factors and character traits are not limited to but include: hustle, GRIT, professional relationship building, respectfulness, loyalty, innovation, creativity, dedication, committed, resiliency and an avid reader.

Note: Former student-athletes and Scholar-Ballers ® from all backgrounds with transferable skillsets from athletics are encouraged to apply.

For more information, please email Dr. Harrison at carlton.harrison@ucf.edu and send your CV, bio and resume.