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Hip-hop is a cultural tool that helps students learn innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy, risk-taking, marketing, sales, analytics and much more. Today’s students are exposed to hip-hop across social media, music in coffee shops, various products and the consistent tie-in with sport and sport business management. The new Business of Hip-Hop Innovation & Creative Industries Certificate from UCF College of Business is the first academic program of its type to be offered by a college of business.


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‘Why wouldn’t you invest in something that started with two turntables and a microphone and is now a trillion dollar business?’
— Dr. C. Keith Harrison in Financial Times


Required Courses can be taken in a summer plus one semester or a semester plus one summer and a year max.
Course Credits College Format/Location Offered
SPB 4932 – The Business of Hip-Hop Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 College of Business Hybrid/Main Campus Fall/Spring
SPB 3003 Introduction to Sport Business Management 3 College of Business Face-to-Face/Main Campus Fall/Spring
AFA 3371 The Evolution of Hip Hop 3 College of Arts & Humanities Online Fall/Spring/Summer
ENT 3613 Creativity and Entrepreneurship 3 College of Business Face-to-Face/Main Campus Fall/Spring/Summer


Program Overview

Students who successfully complete the certificate will receive a commemorative 12-inch vinyl certificate that lists the four required courses and the skill sets attained through the certificate experience. This will add some hip-hop flavor to any on-site or home office as a dope artifact. The ultimate nostalgia stamp of Hip-Hop culture.

Who Should Enroll

Students who are interested in learning culturally relevant approaches from the perspective of innovation of Hip-Hop culture should enroll. This certificate is open to all current UCF students and can be completed in a year.


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