Welcome to the Majors


Friday, May 22, in the Pegasus Ballroom from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm


We have a new vision and mission at the UCF College of Business Administration. Our goal is to help you GET TO THE ONE. To prepare you to compete, thrive and make a difference when you leave UCF.

Welcome to the Majors” is the signature welcome for all students entering the College of Business. Not only will you be introduced to the culture of the college, you will experience your first networking assignment, meet representatives from the student organizations that can become your future peers and clients, and learn what it will take to differentiate yourself. In a sea of thousands of candidates, employers are looking for people who can present themselves as a unique option.


You will be:

THE ONE that gets the job.
THE ONE that makes that sale.
THE ONE that starts the new business.
THE ONE that mentors and gives back.





Time Event
9:30 AM Doors Open
10:00 AM Presentation
11:00 AM Networking
1:15 PM Giveaway ( iPad Mini )