Welcome to the Majors


THE ONE that gets the job.
THE ONE that makes that sale.
THE ONE that starts the new business.
THE ONE that mentors and gives back.



Welcome to the Majors UCF CoB-FINAL

Welcome to the Majors” is for all students entering the UCF College of Business. Students in GEB 3003 are required to attend the college’s signature event as your first class meeting. For other students, this is an opportunity to further build your network.

In a sea of thousands of candidates, employers are looking for people who can present themselves as a unique option. Not only will you be introduced to the culture of the college, you will have the opportunity to network with Dean Paul Jarley, faculty, student leaders and classmates.

Thank you for registering for GEB 3003 – Career Research and Planning. Classes in the Career Professionalism series are different from traditional large classes in a number of ways, such as:

  • Focusing on practical skills rather than concepts and topical knowledge
  • Self-directed; your success depends on your ability to take ownership of your performance
  • You have to come to class!

Prior to attending, you must review your syllabus and assignments (Unlike some of your other courses, we will not be doing this in class). All class materials will be available through WebCourses.

We also would encourage you to complete the survey located under the registration button. As a part of our effort, we are trying to help you “Get to the ONE” and make the most of the life and career you are planning. The survey will help Dean Jarley illustrate that point and our team better understand and serve your needs.

Keynote Speaker: Robert Stephensstephensrobert-750xx2040-2720-35-0

It was with $200, a bicycle and a subsequent collaboration with Best Buy that Robert Stephens transformed the small, cryptic world of tech support and made it glamorous and accessible, when he founded a computer consulting business called The Geek Squad in 1994.

Since then, The Geek Squad has become the world’s preeminent tech support service, with over 20,000 global agents. Roberts’ story has been featured by leading media outlets, including CNN, Newsweek, Fast CompanyThe Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone.

With proven business savvy and an inspiring story of entrepreneurship, Stephens offers stimulating insight and exciting perspectives on advancing technology, smart marketing, thoughtful business strategy and what he thinks is the next “big thing.”


The first day of class will be Friday, Aug. 26, at CFE Arena and will begin at 10 a.m. sharp.
Time Event
9:15 a.m. Doors Open
10:10 a.m. Dean Jarley
10:30 a.m. Robert Stephens
10:45 a.m. Closing Remarks
11:00 a.m. Mix’n Mingle