Strategic Leadership Executive Education Workshops

September 16 & 17, 2015

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Effective Strategy is Realized Through Effective Leadership


This 2-Day workshop gives you the information you need to succeed as a leader, time to apply newly learned principles to real-world cases and your own organization, and Q&A interaction with Dr. Robert Porter, whose strategic leadership consulting expertise is widely sought.

Effective strategies guide companies to a unique high-value position in their market. This leads to a competitive advantage for the companies. Leaders must set a clear vision, align company resources with their vision, and execute their strategic plan to actually achieve a competitive advantage. Dr. Robert Porter developed this highly interactive two-day workshop on Strategic Leadership to help you and your team address these challenges. He combines the art and science of effective leadership with strategic planning methods that work—giving you the opportunity to walk-away with the toolkit you need to gain and sustain a competitive advantage.


  • Mid-level and senior managers or those transitioning into managerial roles across functional areas including, but not limited to operations, R&D, engineering, finance, marketing, HR, across all industries
  • Managers, executives, and small business owners with responsibility to develop and influence the strategic direction of their firms


  • Identify your personal leadership style
  • Discover your most effective leadership role
  • Learn practical methods to analyze you competition and implement strategy
  • Strengthen your ability to lead strategic change
  • Appraise your firm’s competitive strategic position in the market
  • Earn 14.0 Technical Business CPE’s & 13.5 HRCI credits



Robert L. Porter, Ph.D., Executive Academic Director of Management, is an accomplished leader in business development and implementing strategic leadership. He earned his PhD at UCF’s College of Business Administration Department of Management, his MBA is from the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College, and he completed his Bachelor of Engineering at UCF.His research, teaching, and consulting focus on Entrepreneurship and Strategy.


Workshop Overview

Day 1 – Wednesday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm


  • Leadership Styles
    • Discover Your Behavioral Style of Leadership
    • Understand the Style of Your Team Members
    • Effective Team Leadership = Reduced Stress, Higher Productivity
    • Leadership Examples
  • Explore Current Leadership Development Tools
    • The Role of the Leader, the Follower, and the Situation
    • Aligning the Roles
    • Additional Leadership Tools and Methods
  • Leadership Case / Application & Conclusion
    • Team analysis of a case and results
  • Leadership / Day 1 Summary
    • Individual takeaways and preparation for organizational leadership

Day 2 – Thursday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm


  • The Strategic Management Process Map
    • Determining a Firm’s Competitive Advantage
    • Methods/Tools to Effectively Analyze a Firm’s Strategy and the Competition’s Strategy
  • Strategic Leadership
    • Management vs. Leadership – the Difference Matters
    • The Role of Leadership in Strategy
  • Strategic Leadership Case / Application & Conclusion
    • Team analysis of a case & Results
  • Strategy / Day 2 Summary
    • Takeaways for Application to Your Firm
    • Q&A



“The UCF Strategic Leadership class provided me with techniques to improve my strategic thinking of complex relationships between the organization and its environment.”

Bill Causey, Engineer, The Aerospace Corporation

“Strategic Leadership was one of the greatest courses I have attended in the last 20 years. The most productive part of the course was the case study for groups of attendees.”

John Garcia, Business Manager, Conpilog Int. Co.

“The Strategic Leadership workshop was an incredible experience that provided a great platform for me to become a more effective leader and think more strategically. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in growing their capability to lead and manage a team or a business.”

Gary Stafford, Partnership Director, Ultimate Staffing Company

“I recommend the two day Strategic leadership workshop to any current manager/leader or individual who is moving into a leadership role to gain simple yet highly effective tools to succeed and grow within an organization.”

Rodney Gutierrez, Director of Sales, Orange County Convention Center