Dean’s Excellence Awards Honor
Faculty, Staff & Students

“The Dean’s Excellence Awards are a celebration of our culture that promotes engagement, risk-taking, collaboration, data-driven decision-making and innovation. It is also an opportunity to celebrate our successes and have a little fun along the way.”

With those words, Dean Paul Jarley kicked off the Dean’s Excellence Awards breakfast Friday, April 21 in the Pegasus Ballroom. The annual awards recognize faculty, staff and students for outstanding work, projects and interactions that have occurred during the year.

Nominations are made via the website and then reviewed and voted on by committees of Student Ambassadors, college leadership and the Dean’s Advisory Board. Other awards are established and determined by the Dean.

State Farm’s Jose Soto (far right) presents a $30,000 check to Bill Steiger (fourth from left) and his Professional Selling Program team at the Dean’s Excellence Awards on April 21. The money helps provide scholarships and support for students in the College of Business and the PSP program.

Here are the winners of the Dean’s Excellence Awards:

  • Excellence in Faculty-Student Engagement – Anthony Byrd, Ph.D.
  • Excellence in Student Organization – Professional Selling Program (Bill Steiger)
  • Most Engaged Student Organization Faculty Advisor – Dr. Carolyn Massiah
  • Most Transformative Moment – Christopher Leo
  • Excellence in Data Driven Decision-Making – Jillian Reid
  • Excellence In Student Risk-Taking – Tze Fung Wong
  • Excellence in Communication & Collaboration – Robert Holtzclaw
  • Excellence in Contribution To the Community – Frank Tamberelli, Ph.D.
  • Best Chair Of A College Committee – Marshall Schminke, Ph.D.
  • Excellence In Faculty Risk-Taking – Carole Ann Creque, Ph.D.
  • Most Transformative Moment – Holly Bouma
  • The Innovation Award – Jennifer Johnson
  • Professional Growth Award – Joshua Tschiggfrie
  • Alignment Awards –
    Second Runner-Up: Briana Reynolds
    First Runner-Up: Melody Skinner
    Winner: Kimberly Harvey
  • Best Talk at The EXCHANGE – Chef Manny (Manny Washington Jr.)
  • Best Dean’s Speaker Series Talk – Steven Whiting, Ph.D.
  • Student Legacy Award – Kevin Ortiz
  • Best Chair of a Ph. D. Committee – Marshall Schminke, Ph.D.
  • Excellence in Master’s Education – James Keebler, Ph.D.
  • Great Colleague – Robin Roberts, Ph.D.
  • Spirit of the College Award – Emily Duemmel
  • Putting Up with the Spirit of the College Award – Richard Caldwell