Final Exam Information

NOTE: While scheduling when to take your exam, please note we have 271 seats. A majority of students will take their exam within the last 2-3 hours of its availability, so expect the couple hours prior to each closing time to be busy.

Date 12:00pm 5:00pm 8:00pm 11:59pm
Wednesday, April 26th 439 832 0 2,182
Thursday, April 27th 397 0 876 2,478
Friday, April 28th 427 0 981 1,201
Saturday, April 30th 389 0 287 2,439
Monday, May 1st 482 0 993 940
Tuesday, May 2nd 468 0 947 929

Finals Week Hours of Operation:

  • We will be open 7:00am to 12:00am everyday from April 26th to May 2nd, including Friday and Saturday
  • We will be closed on Sunday, April 30th
  • Verify your exam dates/times. Not all exams are open the entire day.

Before Coming In:

  • Verify your exam dates/times. Not all exams are open the entire day.
  • Bring your student ID
  • Check the exam schedule page for dates/time/materials for your exam
  • Know your NID and NID password prior to coming for your exam.
  • We will not hold personal items. Please use the locker room or leave personal belongings in your vehicle, with a friend or at home.
  • Please remember to talk quietly when you are inside the Testing Center
  • You may take more than one exam but you are required to check in and out for each one. You do not have to leave the Testing Center between exams.
  • Know what exam you are taking. You will be asked to verify information for your exam such as course prefix, exam name, and professor.
  • You may use a scientific and/or financial calculator, if your exam permits
  • Graphing/programmable calculators are not allowed

While in the Testing Center:

  • Hats must be worn backwards and hoods must be down
  • If you need extra paper, raise your hand and a proctor will swap out your used sheet for a clean sheet
  • If your exam allows scratch paper, you may request up to 3 sheets but you must ask prior to checking in for your exam.
  • If you use or we hear your cell phone, you will be removed from the Testing Center. We advise you to leave it outside the Testing Center.
  • You are only authorized to take your exams in the Testing Center. Do not access any other areas of Canvas.

COBA Pass:

  • You can not create a COBA Pass more than 48 hours in advance
  • If there is a line, you can check in for your COBA Pass directly at the front. There will be a Testing Center employee there to assist you.
  • Please do not come early or late
  • Verify your time by logging into the COBA Pass system